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Point Betsie Lighthouse Benzie County Michigan.


Lighthouses were once a means of navigation for ships out on the oceans and Great Lakes, however with advanced technology the reliance on these beacons has been greatly reduced. Some lighthouses still serve a purpose to warn sailors of hazards near a coastline but more importantly they are a beautiful piece of history. Many lighthouses have become a local attraction, serving as a photo backdrop for tourists taking vacation pictures and even a destination for a school outing. Lighthouses also are a passion for many people who use this a theme in decorating their homes or business, one can even find miniature lighthouse collectibles.


Flagsrus is here to help add to the nautical theme with a jjfl084mvariety of lighthouse flags  like this Lighthouse Life flag which looks like a painting one could find hanging in an art gallery or welcome your friends down to the boathouse with this picturesque flag featuring a quaint scene of buoys, seagulls and the whole small harbor town feel. Quickly convert your plain mailbox to a lighthouse theme with a mailbox cover.cd9075mm

How about something more serene for the back deck, the Coastal Hatteras flag sets a calm mood for enjoying a quite evening by the fire. cd0662m

Looking for something to show off your style down at the marina, this Eastern Lights flag featuring the different style of lighthouses is really a great look for the harbor theme.


We hope you have enjoyed our little trip down the coastline and have found something to inspire you to set sail across the still blue waters and remember, we will keep the light on for your safe return.

"Big Red" Holland Harbor Lighthouse Holland Michigan
“Big Red”
Holland Harbor Lighthouse
Holland Michigan

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