The best part of waking up.

by Russ Kennedy April 12, 2015 1 min read

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Okay maybe not everyone thinks the best part of waking up is Folgers in their cup, but so many people can’t start the day without a good cup a’ joe. Many great conversations are shared over a good cup of coffee and a nice slice of homemade pie, so why not show off your love for coffee with a flag of the same theme.

tl119755Some folks enjoy a cup of coffee while tl109757sitting in the garden as the birds sing a morning song or perhaps the crow of the rooster is your wake up call and time to grab a coffee before a day of chores on the farm.



A cafe flag is a perfect way to entice the folks out for a stroll into the Coffee Shoppe for a little treat anytime of day. How do you take it? Regular, decaf, espresso or iced cappuccino; to some people coffee equals love, well maybe not true love but we do have a flag for those who are really serious about their favorite beverage.



We hope we’ve peaked your interest and enjoy sipping your coffee while flying a new coffee themed flag.tl109821


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