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My how time flies.

I realize my last blog was talking about wintry landscape and wonders of nature teasing us with a little greenery, but there is nothing stopping us looking forward to spring. Just like the clothing stores are replacing the parkas and snow boots for swimsuits and flip flops, we are gearing up for the spring season with our seasonal flags. Let’s kick off our shoes and tip toe through the tulips as we make plans in the yard for spring. Oh and for you early birds, we have a 10% off spring flag special running now! Use code Spring 10 when placing your order and follow the link for more information.

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As we slowly transition from brisk mornings of frost covered windows to a gentle breeze and dew covered leaves, we consider how our gardens will take shape this year. One thing you can assure yourself, the garden flags will be to your door on time because you ordered  plenty early when Mr. Groundhog gave his prediction of the arrival of spring. Are you an early start gardener with the grow boxes in the spare room? My dad would have his boxes set up in the family room positioned in front of the sliding glass door to get plenty of natural sunlight. By the time the weather broke, my dad was ready to transplant his young healthy plants into the garden.

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For those flag fans out there who are still looking for a little incentive to order, we have a Gift Card give away contest. Just follow the link for the contest rules and details, $50.00 is a great way to spring into action with the yard decorating. Make sure to follow our emails for other great contests and discounts and keep up to date for new products.


We are always happy to see how your garden grows and how you may accent your home with garden flags and other yard decor from flagsrus. Please feel free to share your photos with us, it’s a great way to spread the love!


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Stacy Giacosa-Bauer
Stacy Giacosa-Bauer

March 07, 2017

I would love to decorate my garden with Flags & other yard decor! I live in Florida and love gardening & watching everything bloom in the Spring!

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