Alaskan honeymoon

by Linda Moritz August 02, 2017 2 min read

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While Alaska is not a traditional honeymoon destination, I had never dreamed of going anywhere else. The endless hours of sunshine, the incredible wildlife-watching opportunities and Alaska's rich history all drew me to want to visit the 49th state. When we announced our choice to friends and family, most assumed we were hopping on an all-inclusive cruise; they were wrong. We planned our trip a la carte style, thoughtfully crafting every arrangement. A bed and breakfast stint, a visit to the capital, deep sea fishing, hot springs and whale watching were just some of our big ideas. 

While waiting for our private fishing charter to begin at a harbor near Juneau, we couldn't help but notice all the bald eagles. They were everywhere, like pigeons in Chicago! During our fishing voyage our captain tossed small, frozen fish up into the air to attract the eagles and we watched wide-eyed as these giant birds of prey swooped down to grab their prize. Witnessing them in action was beyond thrilling. How I wish I had a digital camera at that time to better capture the eagle's dive and grab! (These grainy images are digital photos of my actual honeymoon photos.)

Bald eagles are only found in North America, and their highest concentration is in Alaska. Some estimates have the eagle population almost equal to the human population! Looking through the flag designs I spotted this one that perfectly captures the spirit of our trip. Perhaps there is a flag that represents a special trip or vacation you've taken!

These days my backyard offers robins, cardinals and golden finches, beautiful birds to be sure, but none which quite compare to the mighty bald eagle. On the plus side, these song birds don't threaten my little dog, Jack, as might a hungry eagle!

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Jeannie Crews
Jeannie Crews

December 12, 2019

Visiting Alaska is on our bucket list

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