All The Leaves Are Not Brown

by Linda Moritz November 03, 2018 2 min read

Early November proffers many things to be grateful for: loads of candy on clearance, discounted holiday baking items like brown sugar and butter, and explosions of color all around.

This is our first fall season in a new house and yard, and we've been delighted to experience  our new home's autumn display.

 We have A LOT of trees on our property and it seems that every leaf is turning a different color. Even the foliage of some of our plants is beautifully transforming.

Because we moved over the summer, we did not have a chance to grow the pumpkin patch that has been our yearly tradition. However, we're excited about the fresh start we'll have next spring.

We've been collecting pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors and gourds with varying warts. In a few weeks we'll dissect them all, catalog the seeds with photo references and sit tight until spring.

I highly recommend giving pumpkin growing a try. They only need sun, water, and a bit of space, though many of the smaller gourds are happy to grow upward with just a little encouragement. Once the plant is established you'll have blossoms every day, gorgeous green leaves (some varieties are soft and fuzzy!) and the chance to grow your own fall décor.  I never tire of someone asking, "You GREW that?" when I give them a home grown gourd. It's just fun.


Another nice thing about this time of year is that Christmas is just far enough away to not yet feel any sort of gift buying pressure. We are lulled into thinking we have plenty of time when, in fact, Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away. There's still time to greet your guests with this beautiful pumpkin mat!

Of course, it seems that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas passes twice as fast as normal time, so some thoughts about gift giving are probably warranted. This wintry door mat would be a welcome surprise for any good friend or relative. 

But for right now enjoy every  crisp day, every drop of color and every stick of cheap butter. Remember, baked goods make tasty gifts, too! Have an amazing Thanksgiving, everyone!

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