Fall Decorating Guide

by Tricksy Tania November 02, 2018 3 min read

Fall Foliage

Isn’t autumn a beautiful season? The leaves are changing colours and falling down in heaps of ruby red, astounding orange and vivid yellow. Chrysanthemums are bursting in full bloom. Shining apples hang off of huge trees. Patches full of pumpkins gleam in last few sunny days of the year. With all these wonderful aspects of this season don’t you want to jazz up your garden to match? Here are some fall decor must-haves that you can add to your garden.


Fall Scarecrow

Everyone loves a little fright in autumn as the season features special days such as Halloween and day of the dead. Autumn is also the time for harvesting delicious fruits and vegetables after a productive summer. Scarecrows can thus be as useful as they are scary, or pretty if you prefer. You can buy a full-bodied scarecrow from any local store at a variety of prices or you can make your own! Making your own scarecrow is simple as all you need to do is to fill some old clothes full of stuffing. The traditional stuffing ingredient is, of course, straw but cotton will do well too if none is available. Make a steel or wooden frame and attach it to your scarecrows body. For the head, feel free to paint a face onto any weather resistant solid material or sew a face onto a stuffed sack. Feel free to personalize your scarecrow in any way that you wish!


Decorative Hay Bales

Hey girl, HAY! This dried grass is often associated with the fall season as it is closely tied to farming, harvest, and entertaining hayrides on a tractor! Bring some farm time fun into your garden to add a rustic autumn look to your home. You most likely don’t have room for a full-sized bale of hay, but many home decorating stores and local farms sell miniature versions all season long. You can even pick up a shift of hay or a fake hay bale at a craft store.

Autumn wreaths

Door Wreath

Although the first image that pops into our head when we hear or think of the word wreath is an evergreen circle that is usually associated with the winter season’s holiday but did you know that wreaths can actually be used for all seasons?! To make an autumn themed wreaths you can start off with a basic wire or plastic hoop circle which is usually readily available at specialty craft stores either preshaped or available in yards. No need to add any evergreen needles and branches to your wreath as you can automatically go to adding fall themed flora and objects. Your wreath could include solely coloured foliage or you can have a few fall flowers, such as chrysanthemums and sunflowers mixed in.   Feel free to also add on some autumn objects like miniature apples and pumpkins, miniature animal and scarecrow figurines, ribbons, quotes written on planks of wood or scraps of fabric and basically anything that you think seems fit. Also, if you want to celebrate autumns classic holiday of Halloween, you can always spook up your wreath. You can do this by following a black and orange colour scheme or you can add in spooky trinkets like plastic eyeballs, spider rings, cobwebs and miniature witches hats. The possibilities are endless!

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