Grandma vs. the 4-Wheeler!

by Jeanne Barr June 06, 2017 2 min read

We have an unique situation in our family. My mother lives in our basement apartment.  Our son purchased my parent's farm two years ago and mom has been a widow now for 14 years, so when our son took over the farm, we brought mom to our house. What a blessing it is to have my mom and her wisdom helping us to raise our family.  


My mother loves to start new flower beds, so she asked the girls to get the 4-wheeler out to help move compost for a new bed.  My mom has always been a working farm wife, meaning that she was right along side my dad driving tractor, running equipment and milking cows. One piece of equipment that mom had not driven was a 4-wheeler, but that was going to change. My 15 year old daughter was her instructor and apparently was taking too long to explain everything, so grandma informed her she could do it.

That's when the fun began. After loading the trailer full of compost, mom jumped on ready to bring the beautiful dirt to her selected site. Certain details that were missing from mom's training were where the brakes are located, how to shift gears, and that it would not run in reverse. Since those details were missing, we soon realized the compost was going to be a'flying and grandma and the 4-wheeler were coming down the hill sideways, soon to stop at the bottom with the engine killed! As the laughter roared, we began lesson number two.

 The next trip resulted in much more compost making it to the correct destination, and by the end of the day, grandma had conquered the machine. Needless to say, compost hauling made for a day full of laughter and memories.  


The garden that has evolved from that day will always remind us of grandma and the 4-wheeler! Check out the sweet Grandma Flag to complete your memory garden or any of the great Summer flags to add to your collection from FlagsRUs.

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