Garden Weddings

by Laura Knoerr June 01, 2017 2 min read

My parents got married in June–many, many years ago–and one of my sisters, as well. I was one of her bridesmaids. I loved the romantic flower wreaths that we wore in our hair, and the diaphanous pink gowns.

June is the traditional wedding month. It is also the month when, for the northern half of the country, one can safely plan an outdoor wedding.

Nowadays, when destination weddings are in vogue, it is still nicer, I think, to hold a wedding that is convenient for friends and family to come and celebrate. And, for those of us who love the outdoors, it is so enjoyable to attend an event in a garden.

It is even more fun to host one, as we did a few years ago, draping the fences and garden gate in tulle and Baby’s Breath, cutting peonies for bouquets, and hanging baskets of pink petunias and geraniums.

As guests took their places in our lawn and patio chairs, our resident wrens and cardinals serenaded with pleasant preludes. After the ceremony began, one of our neighbors hung out in her backyard to listen when the groom sang to his bride. He is a trained operatic tenor, and I’m sure our entire neighborhood appreciated his singing as much as the wedding guests!

The Catholic church one block over contributed its Saturday afternoon bell-ringing at just the right moment to end of the ceremony. It was altogether a lovely day and a wedding to remember.

Garden or house flags can add to the celebratory and welcoming mood, whether the ceremony is indoors or out. They can also be a thoughtful wedding gift for the new couple. FlagsRUs has some very special and appropriate designs to choose from.

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