May 17, 2019 2 min read

Memorial Day is observed every year on the last Monday in May. It's the federal holiday for remembering and honoring the brave men and women in the military who died while serving.

Many people fly flags on this holiday. has many patriotic flags. Some of the best selling flags are listed in this blog. 

Traditional "red, white and blue" flags are the most popular patriotic flag. They can be flown for all patriotic holidays or displayed all year round. Flagsrus has different versions of this flag. Shown above is the Patriotic American (#EV10220),  Stars and Stripes (#CD9148L-house), (CD9148M-garden) and Betsy Ross (#CD8956L), both below.

The American Heroes flag (MW39675) below, has a powerful powerful image. To me it depicts brave soldiers walking into the unknown to protect our country. Unfortunately, some didn't make it out.

A lighthearted patriotic flag is the Patriotic Pup Truck Welcome flag (#EV14S3396-garden) (#EV13S3396-house) pictured below. How cute is that? Red pickup truck related items are popular. Add a cute puppy and it's perfect! Flag is double sided too.

I've seen a lot of red tractor items on the internet too. Look below at the Patriotic Tractor flag (#MW91504-house) (#MW31504-garden)

Have you seen the new burlap material flags? Look below at the double sided Patriotic Banner Welcome flag (#EV14B3765BL) Lots of embellishments and readable on both sides. has more than just flags for holidays or every day. They also have mail box covers, door mats, door swags, yard signs and more! How about hanging a fun windsock for Memorial Day? Two are pictured below. The forty inch (#PR77861) and sixty inch (#PR77862)


Remember, patriotic flags can be used for several holidays or all year round.

Happy Memorial Day!

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