Garden Gift Ideas

by Tricksy Tania May 22, 2019 2 min read


We all have that one friend or family member who is as rooted in their garden as much as their prized petunias. Perhaps, this person can even be yourself. Anyway, this person is devoted to the great outdoors. It’s as if they were born with a leafy green thumb that could make a coconut tree grow in the Arctic and cactus grows in a swamp. You can even easily imagine them living in a greenhouse, eating a salad that they grew themselves and sleeping on a bed of literal roses. Nothing can tear this plant lover from their garden and this includes their own birthday or gift-giving holiday. This being said, everyone, plant lover or not, appreciates a heartfelt gift on a special day. So why not show your friendly neighbourhood gardener some love with one of these garden gifts?

The perfect planter

Potted Plants
A common problem for gardening enthusiasts is that they have so many things that they want to grow but so little space to grow it. This being said, why not give them a helping hand by solving this excruciating problem with a personalized planter. Whether it’s made of metal, wood, clay, plastic, or any other material, if it can sustain a healthy and thriving plant, your gardening friend or family member will highly appreciate it. In fact, you can show them some extra love by personalizing your gift to them by decorating the planter so that it not only suits their aesthetic pleasure but also matches their, as well as their plants, beauty.

A friendly face
Garden Gnomes
The best thing about gardening is that you are never alone. Whether it’s a wiggling work, a fluttering butterfly or a chirping bird, a garden is a place thriving with living things and it’s not just the plants that call it their home. However, sometimes these gardening buddies aren’t up to play due to much rain or too much sun. You can help your favourite gardener avoid this sinking feeling by giving them a garden ornament as a forever friend. You can make your own smiling gnome or you can buy a flattering flamingo at any dollar store, hardware store, gardening depot or flower shop. Although flamingos and gnomes are the classic choices, any statue in any shape, size, material or species can become a friend to any lonely gardener.

Seeds, seeds and more seeds

This gift is an obvious one. What does every gardener need in order to be a gardener? Seeds of course! From flowers to vegetables to fruit to spices, any and all seeds will be greatly appreciated to your gardening friend. You can give them a time honoured classic that they grow every year or you can give them the opportunity to try to grow a new favourite addition to their garden. One can never have enough seeds!

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