Top Spring Garden Flags Of 2019

by Vickie Kulp May 24, 2019 2 min read

Those cold, dreary days of winter are gone. Warmer temperatures and sunshine are here! What's next? Gardening of course! The CHICKADEE REST STOP MATMATE(#MW13403) is above. I have many favorite spring flags on the site! Just a few are mentioned in this blog.

Time to dig around in your shed or garage for your gardening tools. Don't you wish you had a cute garden shed like the one on the COTTAGE GARDEN flag above? (#TL1112116) I do!

Be sure you have your watering can filled up so you can give your seeds or plants a drink of water after planting them. A favorite "water can" flag of mine is the colorful GARDEN AND WATERING CAN flag (#EV14A3290) pictured above.

OK, you have your tools ready but what will you plant? You can buy already established plants or plant seeds and wait to see what colorful flowers come up. The kittens on the LITTLE BLOOMERS DOORMAT  (#CD2683M) above are hoping catnip is being planted!

 Instead of catnip you will probably rather plant other herbs like ones pictured on the HERB GARDEN FLAG (#EV1436FB) above. It has a different design on both sides. It's like two flags in one! 

The chickadees on the GARDENING DAY flag (#CA46847) above, are chirping because it's a bright sunny day perfect for gardening.  

After you've planted your GARDEN OF HAPPINESS  (#CA46404), imagine relaxing on a bench surrounded by the aroma and beauty of flowers as depicted on the GARDEN SEAT (#TL1112118) flag below. I can smell those fragrant lilacs now! 

Visitors to your door step will know where you are if you have the GARDEN SHED MATMATE (#MW118611) pictured below, at your door. has many flags and flag poles to choose from to put in your flower garden. This blog just covered a few of my top spring flags! Look at a few more in the picture below.  Now get planting! 

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