Brotherly Love!

by Jeanne Barr December 08, 2018 3 min read

Just a couple of months ago marked the anniversary of my brother Jeff's, passing. One evening my mom and I were sitting down having a chat over a cup of coffee and we started telling stories about when Jeff and I were kids and all the crazy things he would set me up to do.

My brother was 4 years older than me and extremely outgoing, talkative and not overly fearful of doing things. I on the other hand was shy, talkative but was definitely more afraid to try out something new. I always looked up to my brother because he did not seem to be afraid to do crazy things or to try new things.

He, of course, could not understand my fear of things, so took every opportunity to try and get me to try something that was perhaps scary or down right stupid.

Well, I decided to try the stupid end of the deal just to prove to my big brother that I was not a scaredy cat and that I would do just as many adventurous things as he would.

So, he told me that he could ride his bike down the driveway with his eyes shut and he knew I would never be brave enough to do that. He was going to show me how to do it, so he went first. I was certain that his eyes were shut and he came flying down the hill as fast as possible and made it clear to the barn before stopping. I was completely impressed and knew I had to do this, that I had to prove to him I was as cool as he was. 

So with my heart beating out of my chest, I jumped on my bike with the yellow banana seat and started pedaling as fast as I could, I turned into the driveway and shut my eyes and within seconds I was on the ground, crashed into the back of the hay bine and blood was every where. I looked up and of course, there was my brother, trying to be cool and calm, screaming at me, what was I doing? I could not understand what he meant. 

He ran and got some towels and wiped me up as mom prepared to take me to get stitches in my forehead and knee.

When I got home from the doctor's office, Jeff came up to me and said, what were you thinking? I didn't really mean for you to ride your bike down the hill with your eyes shut, that is crazy. I laughed and said, well you should have told me that earlier, because this is what happens when you are actually brave enough to try it.

I think I proved my point that day that maybe I wasn't afraid of everything and I may be dumb enough to try it.

Jeff and I laughed about that for many years and he used it to make fun of me, in a loving way, any time he could. Now, as mom and I remember all the happy memories of Jeff, this is one that truly makes us chuckle. Perhaps Jeff realized how gullible his little sister was and would think twice about double dog daring me.

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