December 08, 2018 2 min read

Christmas will be here in a couple of weeks. It's a time to be with family and friends. It's also a time to remember loved ones who are no longer here. One way I do that is by displaying decorations that are very sentimental to me.

My grandparents lived one street from me. We had a path through woods to their house. For many years I decorated their tree with their fragile, antique balls and other objects including a fish! Christmas decorations were kept upstairs in a closet area only about four feet high. It was uncomfortable and back breaking to get all the boxes out but I loved seeing all the decorations. I have her tree decorations. Every year I put them on a little tree I bought. They mean so much to me and bring back wonderful memories. 


They also had antique Santas and a snowman which I display now. 

Another special thing is the figurines of baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, the three wise men and more. I bought the stable, tree and Mary figurine and the rest were my grandparents'.

My father was always making something in his workshop. He made deer out of logs and sticks. A log was used for the body with four holes drilled underneath for legs to be inserted. Twigs for antlers and gumballs for eyes.  Cute!

He also made a tall outdoor Christmas tree by welding rods to a metal stand. Strings of lights are strung on the rods. My brother puts it up every year in my yard. 

Of course I will have flags in my yard for Christmas. has lots of flags, mailbox wraps, door mats and more for Christmas. Click here to see.   Or click hereto see all their Winter items.


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