Christmas Flags For Everyone!

November 30, 2023 4 min read 2 Comments


Mention Christmas and the first thing that should come to mind is the birthday of Jesus. But there are other images you might think of like Santa Claus, snow, angel, Christmas tree, etc. You might have special memories such as a puppy or kitten under the tree. Flagsrus has a Christmas flag for all mentioned above and many more. Please continue reading about the newest Christmas flags from the America Forever brand. America Forever flags are double sided meaning any text on a flag can be read correctly on both sides. This gives you more choices in displaying. They're also printed in the USA.

Flag poles seen in photos are sold separately. Watermarks seen on flag photos are not on actual flag.


Flagsrus has a new line of stained glass flags. The Jesus Glass Work flag above is one of the new stained glass flags from the America Forever brand. This flag will grab the attention of everyone. This flag would also be appropriate for Easter. House size is sold HERE. Garden size is sold HERE.  


A very familiar and loved face at Christmas is Santa Claus! Don't forget Mrs. Claus! Both Santa and Mrs. Claus are on the The Claus Kitchen flag above. No wonder Santa has a big belly. Look at all those goodies Mrs. Claus has baked in their kitchen. House size is sold HERE. Garden size is sold HERE.


Angels are often thought of during the Christmas holiday season.  The Heavenly Music flag above has a lovely angel playing beautiful music on her horn.  Her gown is blowing in a light breeze. She floats using her large angel wings. House size is sold HERE.Garden size is sold HERE.


A Christmas tree will be displayed in many homes. A Christmas tree is also displayed on the Golden Christmas flag above. A gold Christmas tree design is set on a burgundy background along with stars and snowflakes. The message reads Merry Christmas in gold. Remember the text reads correctly on both sides of America Forever flags. House size is sold HERE. Garden size is sold HERE. 


It's a cold and snowy day for a little squirrel to be wrapping gifts outside! That's what a cute brown squirrel is doing on the Nutty Gifts flag above. She has 2 wrapped and is attempting to tie a bow around a big gift. House size is sold HERE. Garden size is sold HERE. 


Children often ask for a pet for Christmas. Adults ask for them too. Imagine seeing a tiny animal of fluffy fur waiting under your Christmas tree for you to love and care for. The little orange tabby on the The Purrfect Gift flag above is sitting under a tree with gifts around it. She's either tying bows on gifts or going to make a mess of opening them! She's too cute to be naughty though. House size is sold HERE. Garden size is soldHERE. 


Like the name of the flag above, On Every Child's List, most children ask for a puppy for a Christmas gift.  Who can resist the loving brown eyes on the little puppy above? He is sitting on a big gift box with red bows and ribbons. A Christmas tree can be seen in the background. House size is sold HERE. Garden size is sold HERE.


Do you speak Spanish and have a hard time finding the perfect Christmas flag for your culture? Flagsrus has the answer to your dilemma with the Feliz Navidad flag above. The message reads correctly on both sides. A colorful group of Christmas gifts, candles and balls is in the bottom left corner. House size is sold HERE. Garden size is sold HERE. 


Even Santa is a patriotic man!  On the Merry Christmas USA flag above, Santa proudly holds an American flag while his buddy Mr. Snowman salutes. They don't care if it's snowing and cold outside. Looks like Rudolph did a photo bomb near Santa! The message Merry Christmas reads correctly on both sides. House size is sold HERE.Garden size is sold HERE.


For those who have a strange sense of humor, you'll think the Christmas Raccoon flag above is funny. The message says Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal. A raccoon carrying a gift is on the flag with string of lights along top and bottom. House size is sold HERE. Garden size is sold HERE.

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Joyce Marie
Joyce Marie

December 08, 2023

Thank you Vickie, always great reading and information! 🧡 I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and 2024 is going to bring only happy and healthy days! 🤗❤️💚

Kim Lowman
Kim Lowman

December 08, 2023

Beautiful flags! I love the group! Everyone in the group is very nice and there’s never any negativity which is a definite plus. It’s so nice to see the final product after entering our ideas and voting for different flags.

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