Christmas in your garden.

by Russ Kennedy December 05, 2016 2 min read


Making a list, checking it twice, getting the decorations out before you loose daylight.


If you decorate the exterior of your home for the winterholidays, then you are familiar with the race to get the lights up, Santa’s sleigh on the roof and all of the other yard trimmings out on display before sunset and the weather gets too cold. One decoration that is easy to put out are the Christmas flags and holiday banners. Of course you knew that since you are on the flagsrus website. Beyond the strings of lights and holiday flags, we can get creative and make something special for our gardens.

DIY winter flower basket.

My house has two large flower beds on either side of my front porch and a flower box at each side of the steps. This lends itself to some fun decorating opportunity. There are two small bushes in each of the flower gardens that get draped with lights and the flower boxes have lights cascading down them. This is courtesy of my twin girls and their artistic talents. They often come up with other fun decorating ideas and we usually do this affordably with a trip to the dollar store. We have a dollar store chain in our area that actually has a decent craft section and the artificial plants and flowers are of good quality. We decided to make an artificial flower arrangement that fit the Christmas season.

Our supplies:


*A selection of artificial flowers

*Basket or other container that fits your theme

*Green foam block, the kind used for artificial flower arrangements

*Wire cutters

We considered the cotton snow blanket at first, but decided it did not fit our arrangement.

The build:


Step 1. We added dirt to the container to add weight to help keep the planter stable.


Step 2. Place the foam block at the bottom of the container.


Step 3. Trim the bundles of flowers into smaller pieces.


Step 4.Push the flower bundles into the foam block.


Step 5. These flowers have wire stems so you can bend them to get the shape you desire.


Step 6. Fill the container the rest of the way with soil, this will keep the arrangement secure and add weight to keep the container from tipping with the wind.


Step 7. Place the arrangement in your garden and enjoy.

899a0029-cropped 899a0031-cropped

My girls took the left over flower segments and placed them in our small flower boxes.

We hope you enjoy this idea and give it a try yourself.

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