Friends in the Snow

by flagsrus December 06, 2016 1 min read

Winter has finally come! It’s about time to have fun in the snow whether it be skiing, snowboarding, snowball fights, building snowmen and snow angels! It’s just too much fun especially for the kids! But, there are other creatures that find fun and comfort in the snow! We call them our “friends in the snow.”


The Finch and Cardinal garden flag features the cute birds we usually see perched on the snow-covered trees during winter. It’s always a peaceful and relaxing sight to find these lovely creatures so lively in the cold winter mornings.


Of course, we cannot stop the bird talk without mentioning our favorite blue jays! The Two Blues garden flag features two blue jays perched on snowy fir tree branches.


Here’s on cute rodent to see during Winter. The Snowy Squirrels garden flag features a cute little squirrel in front of a snow-covered, sun-lit landscape.


Now, let’s get to, arguably, one of the most majestic characters to see during the snowy season! The wolves are the testament of nature’s capability to survive during the harshest winter cold! The Snow Wolves garden flag is an impressive flag to have this winter.

These are just some of the wonderful winter-themed Toland flags we have in our store! Remember to check the rest of the collection here.

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