Santa’s Christmas Friends

by flagsrus December 12, 2016 2 min read

During the Christmas season, Santa Claus becomes so busy that he always needed help from others to complete his Christmas mission – delivering gifts to all the children in the world in one night! Sometimes, help comes from the most unexpected sources…


Of course, Santa can never go around the world without his magical reindeer! The Reindeer Appliqued Garden Flag is a cute ornament in your snow-covered porch! Let’s your visitors know that Santa is coming to town! This design is also available in house flag size and you can get both garden and house flag in a flag set!


Have you ever wondered, when you were a kid, who might have seen Santa putting all the gifts under your Christmas tree? Well, if you own a pet or two, then they may possibly saw the bearded man as he went down from the chimney! The Christmas Cat garden flag shows exactly what your cat would look like when Santa’s sneaking around the Christmas tree!


Here’s another cute pet flag for the Christmas season! The Christmas Pals garden flag shows a cute dog and a cat sharing a spot under the Christmas tree. The picture shows the true essence of this wonderful season which is to share love and happiness to one another!


And the man behind all the gifts under the tree – Santa Claus! No one have really seen this generous man but we would imagine he’d look like the flag above when you, by any chance, see him on Christmas. The Santa Wink flag is also available in house flag size.

13 days left until Christmas day! Order your Christmas themed flags today for your order to arrive before Christmas! And do not forget to use our winter discount code – SNOWY10 for a 10% discount on winter-themed flags!

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