Creative Ways to Display Your Flag On Your Front Lawn

by Tricksy Tania July 19, 2019 2 min read

Who doesn’t love flags?! From your home country to your new home country, flags are a universal symbol of pride. Aside from this, there are flags that exist that feature images instead of festive icons during the holidays to seasonal pictures for each of mother natures' stages. These flags don't necessarily show pride, but they are very beautiful and super cool!

Everyone knows that flags are a gorgeous addition to any outdoor space whether they show the pride you have for your nation or your excitement of the season. That being said, however, is that many people believe that the only way to show off your flag on your front lawn is on a big, expensive and plain flag pole. Well, I am happy to say that this statement is clearly false. To prove this, here is a list of creative ways to display your flag on your front lawn.

Reach for the Roof

Flags on Roof

Roofs are amazing, aren't they? They keep out the rain and snow in order to keep the interior of your home comfortable and cozy. However, did you also know that the roof of your house can also be a reliable ally when choosing to show off your flags? One popular way to show off your flag is by hanging it vertically down from the edge of your roof. Also, another way to decorate your roof with flags is by hanging a banner of miniature flags in a loop pattern.

Dress Up Your Garden

Flags in Vase
It’s a universal fact that flowers are beautiful. From their brightly colored petals to their wonderful scent, flowers are a must-have addition to any front lawn. That being said, however, is the fact that you can add flags within your flower bed to make your front lawn that much more gorgeous! The ideal way of decorating a flower bed with flags is by sticking miniature flags that are pre-attached to tiny flagpoles within the spaces between your flowers. This is to make sure that your garden in your front lawn doesn’t become overly crowded. In addition, if you have a flower bed full of flower bushes, you can instead stick the miniature flags with their tiny poles into these bushes to create a cool, almost firework like effect.


Show Your Statues Some Love

Statue Flag

It's a well-known fact that many people love flags. However, did you know that statues are flag fans too! If you have some stone or plastic friends in your garden, then you can easily have them show off your flags for you. One way in which your statue can show your flag is by allowing them to hold your flag by placing the pole in their hands, or paws, or wings, or whatever body parts they have. Who says that your statue friends need to be human anyway! Also, another way in which statues can show off your flags is by draping a flag on them as a stylish outfit.

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