Bring The Beach Home!

by Vickie Kulp July 13, 2019 2 min read


It's been years since I've been to a beach. You might say the same or you might be a beach lover and go there often. Either way, you can bring scenes of the beach to your yard by displaying house and garden flags, stepping stones, mail box covers and more from The photo above is from my vacation at Nag's Head, North Carolina years ago. 

My photo brings back memories of that vacation with my mother, brother and sister in law. If you've been to the beach you probably have special memories of that time too. Maybe you and your spouse honeymooned there or you and a loved one took a relaxing vacation at a beach.  The A Moment In Time flag (above top) is perfect for those memories. It comes in house size HERE and garden size HERE.  Or order a set of both sizes HERE.  Another "beach memory" flag is the colorful Beach Memories flag (above bottom) in house size HERE and garden size HERE

You can decorate your door with the fun Happy Place Flip Flops burlap door decor pictured above and details HERE. 

How about a fun new door mat? Flagsrus has them too. For example the Welcome Flip Flops door mat shown above. For details click HERE. 

Did you know Flagsrus sells stepping stones like the Good Life Beach stepping stone pictured above? You can order it HERE

Don't forget to decorate your mail box with a new cover. The brightly colored Flip Flop Welcome mail box cover will catch everyone's eye! Check it out HERE. 

Take a look at more beach themed house flags HERE and garden flags HERE

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Vickie Kulp
Vickie Kulp

July 22, 2019

Thanks for your comment Mary! You could put a garden flag on a garden size flag pole and place under or near your mailbox. Be sure it doesn’t interfere with your mailman driving up to your box. There is also a specific garden flag hanger for wooden mailboxes. Look for item #EV23000E. It’s a pre-order item and won’t be delivered until around 9/8 unfortunately. Go here to see all accessories for flags. Lots of different poles, etc to display flags. I hope you get a flag!

Mary C.
Mary C.

July 16, 2019

Thanks for your wonderful post Vickie! Love all the ideas you gave on Beach House & Garden Flags along with mailbox covers! They are all beautiful! Wondering if the Garden Flags can be used placed near mailbox? I’m thinking about a nautical anchor themed one.

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