July 04, 2019 2 min read

The first day of summer this year is June twenty-first. I'm looking forward to displaying my summer house and garden flags in my yard!

Flagsrus.org has many new flags for summer. Look at all the garden size summer flags HERE and the summer house flags HERE. Lots of themes to choose from. Use the filter on the left side of each page to find what you are looking for. This blog will showcase a few of the new summer flags at Flagsrus. 

 When you think of summer, one of the first things that come to mind is the beach! The Beach Chairs Welcome Double Sided Flag comes in garden size HERE and house size HERE. Two chairs on the beach, each with a cold beverage, flip flops on the sand with the sun setting behind a blue ocean. Hear the waves? It's vacation time!

Maybe you prefer camping instead of going to the beach.There is a lot to do while camping as is illustrated on the Camping Weekend Flag. It comes in garden size and house size flags plus several other items. Look at all the items HERE.

Bees are busy in the summer pollinating. Zipping back and forth from flowers collecting the sweet nectar. The Bee Skep Bee Happy Flag comes in house size HERE and garden size HERE. More Bee Skep items are HERE. 

Isn't the Delightful Bluebirds Double Sided Flag pretty? I love the little bluebird in flight.  Pretty flowers and colorful butterflies are under the birdhouse.  It comes in house size HERE and garden size HERE.

The River Deck Double Sided Flag brings back memories of me growing up by a river. I still live by that same river. The river background in the photo above is the Rappahannock river in my city of Fredericksburg, Virginia. As a child and young adult, almost daily I would spend hours at the river. That's my brother, dad and me by the river in 1969 in the photo below. This flag comes in house size and garden size. This flag is on my wish list along with many more at Flagsrus!

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