June 19, 2019 3 min read

Fun in the Sun!
With the seasons of spring and summer upon us yet again we will now notice some crucial changes occurring in nature. These changes include warmer, longer and brighter days, This is obvious to any person who is living and breathing on this earth, but have you ever stopped and thought why? Or, in other words, have you ever stopped and thought thank you? Yes, we have a giant ball of fire in the universe to thank for this and its name is the sun! A common phrase that is said is fun in the sun and this is completely true. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a delicious picnic at a park or simply a family bonding stroll, life is just a little better on a sunny day. The sun works hard, even in the months of fall and winter but especially in the months of spring and summer when it is most recognizable. From sustaining plant and animal life, a suns job is never done. Even our ancient ancestors knew that the sun was a vital part of life and maybe that’s why many ancient civilizations had a sun god or goddess. So this summer, why not embrace this golden gift by having sun fun!

Educate yourself!

Child with Sun Block
Before you immerse yourself in the warm, bright, shining sun’s rays, there are some things that you should know and remember. First off, it should be remembered that the sun, as much as it is a helpful part of the earth's survival, it can also cause some harsh effects as well. Too much sun exposure for a long period of time can lead to negative health effects such as a nasty sunburn, harmful heatstroke and deadly skin cancer. To avoid these terrible and dangerous side effects every safety precaution should be taken before you have some fun in the sun. You can protect yourself by using a sun hat or baseball cap, sunscreen and sunglasses as well as drinking plenty of water because hydration in warm weather is key. On the contrary, safety doesn’t have to be the only way to educate yourself on the sun. Try reading up on this bright star in our galaxy at a local library or visit a planetarium to safely view the sun on a face to face scale.


Sun Dial in Sand
Ever find yourself so emerged in an outdoor activity that you lost track of time because there was no clock in sight? You’re not alone! This is a common problem for many outdoor enthusiasts. Luckily enough, there’s a simple, time honoured solution to this issue which is a sundial. A sundial is traditionally in the form of a round circle placed on top of a pedestal made of stone with a wedged shaped rock planted in the middle of that circle. As the sun moved across the sky, as it does during the day, it would cast a shadow according to the stone wedge that would coexist with numbers etched onto the circular platform and thus would tell the time of day. This form of an outdoor clock has been used for centuries. You too can enjoy the benefits of the sun by having your own sundial in your yard. You can easily buy a sundial from a local hardware store or gardening center, or you can make your own!

Solar power

Solar Kit
Today, we live in a world that is constantly polluted by harmful pollutants such as coal, oil and gas. On the bright side, however, is that ecological and sustainable power is on the rise and more of the earth's population is getting on board this leafy green trend! Besides hydro and wind power, another form of globally safe power is solar power. Many homes today use solar panels to provide power to their home but the science behind this form of energy is mind-blowing. There are many fun science kits from your local toy store or art store that you can buy to create your own solar panelled fun!

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