Cute Flower Pot Alternatives

by Tricksy Tania March 15, 2019 3 min read

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In the ever-increasing rate of modernization, more and more people are flocking inwards towards the city. It’s easy to understand why. It’s a well-known fact that, by living in an urban area, that there are more resources available which causes more jobs to be available or causes your existing job to locate itself in a busy metropolis. All of this concludes to many readers of this article probably living in an urban environment with the stereotypical small apartment with minimal, if any at all, outdoor space. However, recent trends have urged city dwellers to live an eco-friendly life that includes growing their own plants. With the limited space in a bustling city with a high population, it’s almost certain that the only way that someone is going to be able to grow anything is by using flower pots. Except, who wants to stare at a boring, brown piece of clay? Luckily, here are some fantastic and cute alternatives to the traditional pot that will make a city garden spring to life!

Old tea sets
Teacup and Teapot planters

Time for tea! Do you have your grandmother's tea set that has been passed down through countless generations just sitting in a cabinet and collecting dust? Maybe you played with it a few times when you were younger and had a teddy bear tea party? Anyway, many people fantasize about decades long ago in a foreign country where ladies in fancy dresses sat in a parlour eating finger sandwiches and drinking tea from their porcelain tea sets. But it’s not Victorian England anymore! Nor, is it a time of Samurai and Geishas in shogunate Japan with mats, cherry blossoms and kimonos filling temples. Why not put those tea sets to good use by repurposing them as flower pots? Feel free to use all of the tea set whether that be the cups, pot, sugar holders and milk holders. All you need to do is to gently poke a hole in the bottom of each dish-ware in order for your plant to drain off excess water in between watering cycles. As a bonus, the saucers make excellent drip plates!

Old shoes
Shoes as planters

One thing that humans and plants have in common is that we both grow! To add on from this, I know from personal experience that one part of our body that grows quite quickly is our feet. A human being is bound to go through dozens of pairs of shoes in their lifetime either from outgrowing them, having worn them to the point of no return or just letting time label them as out of style. Luckily for us, you can easily upcycle old shoes into fashion-forward flower pots! Boots and shoes with high tops make for the best flower pots because of their ability to hold large amounts of dirt to support a healthy root growth in your plant. Also, you will want to choose old shoes that are made with waterproof material in order to keep your floors dry during watering times. However, you can always use a shoe mat as a drip bowl.

Hanging baskets
Plant in basket

Yes, although this idea is widely known as a popular and classic alternative to the traditional flower pot, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it innovating again! I highly recommend that you make your own basket using anything you can find to try and develop your inner weaving skills. Materials that you can use can include wicker, straw, fabric, ribbon, vinyl, and more. Of course, you can also always buy any favourite wicker basket from a variety of dollar, craft and home decorating stores as long as they’re waterproof.

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