Bluebirds Bring Spring!

by Vickie Kulp March 19, 2019 2 min read

The first day of spring this year is on March twentieth. One sign of spring I have noticed is bluebirds in my yard in Virginia. Although they are around during winter, I don't see them as much then probably because they are in the woods looking for berries and insects. 

I had a bluebird house, also called a nesting box, for a few years. During this past winter, the wooden post that the nesting box was on top of evidently rotted in the ground and the post fell over. I need to put up a new post and nesting box. Each year a male and female bluebird made a nest inside of the box. I never saw any young birds hatch and I think I know why.

 Unfortunately for the bluebirds, I have nine feral cats. Some of them noticed the bluebird activity around the nesting box and wanted to get a closer look let's say. Soon they figured out if they crawl up the fence, they can easily get on top of the house to welcome the bluebirds home.

Of course the bluebirds didn't like that and neither did I! If I put up another bluebird house, I will put it in an open area away from anything the cats can climb up.

Bluebirds like open areas. They like to perch and scan the ground for insects. They fly down and grab the insect. Then just as quick fly back to their perch and watch for more insects.  Bluebirds will also eat from platform feeders. A favorite food is mealworms. They also like raisins, berries and peanut butter. 


As with most birds, the male bluebird is the most vibrant colored of the two sexes. He is bright blue above with a rust colored throat and breast. The female is more of a grayish color above with bluish wings and tail and an orange-brown breast.

Soon I will hang out my pretty bluebird flag from Maybe it will attract more bluebirds! 

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