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Flowers in red dotted vase

Is your birthday coming up? Is it almost Valentine’s Day? Is it close to Mother’s Day? Did you just perform on stage? Are you graduating? Are you about to go on a date? Or is there just an empty space on your table that you're itching to fill with beauty?  If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then there is a good possibility that a gorgeous bouquet of flowers will come waltzing through your door very soon. The tradition of giving someone a bouquet of flowers has stood the test of time and for a good reason too. This gift is versatile in many ways. This is because there are so many different types of flowers in this world which can allow you to personalize your bouquet to fit any colour, size or aesthetic preference. Also, flowers can be expensive due to the rarity of the flowers used or the extravagance of the arrangement, but a flower bouquet can also be totally free if you make it yourself! Besides these facts, who doesn’t love flowers? However, it must be remembered that flowers are living things and once you cut them, they will wilt and then die twice as fast as if they were left in the ground. Sure, you put them in a vase of water but did you know that there is more than you can do in order to keep your bouquet of flowers looking fresh? Here is a guide on how to extend the life of vase flowers.

    1. Water and your flowers

    Flowers in glass vases

      Water is a crucial part of life for humans and flowers. Mentioning this, the fresher the water, the better. You should immediately put your bouquet of flowers in a vase as soon as possible after initially receiving them and then you can proceed to change your vase flowers water daily after that.


      2. Trimming your flowers

      Trimming flower stems

      Although all the above procedures have been carried out with the best intentions, you need to face the fact that nothing lives forever. Sadly, this means that your gorgeous bouquet of flowers will slowly die none the less. However, some flowers will wilt quicker than others. This fact can play to your advantage as you can remove the dead flowers from the overall arrangement before they affect the still thriving flowers. Although this method of preservation decreases the number of flowers that you initially had in your bouquet, you will have flowers on a vase for a longer duration of time.

        3. Other useful hacks

          Cutting a flower stem

          Other than the two above methods of preserving your beautiful bouquet of flowers, there are some lesser-known hacks which can help extend the life of vase flowers too. One interesting tip that can extend the life of your vase flowers is that by cutting the stems at a 45-degree angle, they will absorb water more quickly and effectively which keeps them fresher for longer. Secondly, if you remove the leaves from the bottom of a flowers stem, you are avoiding the complication of having the leaves die and fall off of your flower into the water in the vase which would, in turn, end up spoiling your flowers water supply. As a last note, plants naturally absorb warm water better over absorbing cold water.  This, as a result, can greatly extend the shelf life of a cut flower so make sure that you use warm water in your flowers vase or keep your vase near a source that emits light and heat such as a big window. Follow these tips and enjoy your beautiful bouquet of flowers for a long time, you earned it!

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