March 22, 2019 3 min read

Early Spring Vegetable Crops

It’s almost time everybody! March is now upon us and soon to come skipping along behind it is the season called spring. Soon enough, the weather will get warmer, the sun will be out for longer, the snow will melt and the animals will reappear. Eventually, the earth will thaw and our gardens will “spring” into action yet again. I know that many people reading this can’t wait to taste fresh vegetables that could only come straight from their own, personal garden. So who wants to wait for late summer to experience this amazing sensation? Luckily enough, there are many early vegetable crops that you can plant in your garden that will have you nibbling away in no time! Here are a few early spring vegetable crop ideas to get you started.

Fresh Picked Radishes

These ruby red cuties are sure to be a huge hit in your garden! Radishes are high in nutrients such as vitamin C which can improve your eyesight and boost your immunity against diseases. A popular way to eat radishes is by adding them on top of a garden salad with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar for a nutritious lunch. With a usual growth rate of 22-40 days, radishes make a superb vegetable to grow early in the spring.

Fresh Picked Peas

Who can resist these crunchy green pockets hiding juicy emerald orbs of deliciousness? Peas are high in health benefits such as fibre which can improve your digestive track’s overall performance and lower high blood pressure. A common way to eat peas is by boiling them in water until they become soft and then adding them on top of rice with a generous amount of salted butter for a quick and easy dinner. With an estimated growth rate of 21-30 days, peas make an amazing plant to grow early in the spring. In addition to this is the fact that peas come in a variety of species categorized by shape, size, colour, taste and other factors which means that there’s bound to be a type of pea to suit your preference. Some examples include the well-known sugar snap peas and snow peas.

Fresh Herbs

Even though herbs aren’t considered a vegetable, these versatile beauties are fun to grow with many varieties to choose from. Some popular herbs that are great for an early growing season include thyme, basil, oregano, mint, dill and so many more. To add on, a great thing about herbs is that many species are perennial. This means that all you have to do is plant them one season and watch them come back every year afterwards! However, the magic doesn’t stop there. In fact, due to the versatility of herbs, you can add them to a large number of recipes. From peppermint tea to thyme and lemon seasoned salad, to dill pickles, the possibilities are endless due to each herb having its own unique flavour.

Fresh Picked Onions

Although these plump bundles of crunch are not necessarily anybody’s idea of an eat alone snack, they do add a whole new level of flavour to many dishes. Besides this fact, a popular recipe for onions is to coat them in batter and fry them in oil to make onion rings as a delicious side order to a burger. There are many different species of onions such as green onions, red onions and Spanish onions to name a few. As well as species, each onion looks different in colour and in size, but also in flavour. A good note to take a reminder of is that as a general rule of thumb, the longer you let an onion grow, the stronger it will develop in taste and smell as well as grow in size. Despite this fact, however, is that all onions have similar health benefits such as a high dosage of potassium which can lower the risk of heart disease as well as improve overall muscle mass. With an average growth rate of 20-30 day, onions make an ideal plant to grow early in the spring.

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