December 23, 2018 1 min read

pinecone holiday bird feederOne of my favorite things to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon is to sit by the window with a cup of tea and watch the birds. Recently, my oldest daughter helped me make these festive pine cone bird feeders to encourage our feathered friends to visit more often. And because it’s the holiday season, we adorned our bird feeders with some red twine and ribbon.

I’ll admit that some of the crafting we attempt around this time of year can be complicated and a little frustrating for younger children. This one, however, is the perfect kid-friendly craft you can do with your kids or grandkids.

To make these you’ll just need a few things: pine cones, peanut butter, birdseed, twine and ribbon.

First, spread peanut butter over the pine cone.

Next, roll the pine cone in birdseed.

Then tie some twine around the top and knot.

For added Christmas cheer, tie ribbon around the twine and push it to the top. You’ll want to make some space at the top of your pine cone for your bird to perch. Tie your bird feeder ornament to a tree branch and that's it! 

Our leafless shrub has instantly become more cheerful and my daughter and I had some fun crafting together. 

Vanessa Tsumura is a gardener, craft writer and blogger. You can find more projects like this on her website Bluet & Clover. 

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