December 20, 2018 2 min read

Neighborhood Christmas Lights

If you have a family that is anything like mine, you probably have a list of Christmas traditions that hold a special place in your heart and that is anticipated along with carried out every year. One of these traditions that have earned a place in my family’s record books is the annual family car ride to see all the gorgeous and festive outdoor Christmas decorations! Maybe your family holds a similar tradition?

Anyway, this tradition is practiced by my family every year. We drive the same route as well but a year can bring many changes. These changes can include location, such as the removal or addition of a building, or even social, like the addition or removal of a neighbourhood family. These changes bring along changes in Christmas decoration which in part keeps this classic tradition fresh. I’ve seen my fair share of Christmas decorations through my years and here are a few of my favourites that might inspire your holiday decorating theme this year.

Plastic light up figures

Plastic Christmas Lawn Decor

These decorations are old school as many new families have moved on to the larger and more modern inflatables. This being said, on the contrary, who can resist grandmothers half sized Santa or snowman that gets pulled out of the attic or basement caverns during this time of year? These decorations have an advantage over modern-day inflatables, however, as they look just as pretty in the day without being lit up. Also, you won’t be left with a pile of fabric on your front lawn when you turn off your outdoor decorations power during the day. To conclude, even though they might be hard to find nowadays, long live these vintage Christmas decorations!

Evergreen garlands

Garland on a Picket Fence

Whether it’s a tree, a wreath, or a garland, evergreen motives are a beautiful addition during my families annual holiday light drive tradition. The best thing is that people can individualize this festive plant according to the shape of their home. This can include winding a strand around a stairs railing to the traditional wreath. The emerald green needles are a beautiful contrast against the winter snow and with the addition of lights can keep this decorating technique shining even through the night.


Log Reindeer

This other classic Christmas decoration has taken on a different modern turn. These lovable sled pullers have stood the test of time always warm hearts of any age. You can choose to favourite the traditional white wire and light deer that can be spiced up to include an entire herd as they rotate their heads and hoof the ground in synch or you can choose to have a rustic wooden log fawn with plastic googly eyes and a cute button nose. Either option or one that you create, are sure winners to any onlookers young and old.

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