December 20, 2018 2 min read

red glitter poinsettiaWhen you think Christmas decor, there’s a good chance poinsettias come to mind. Their popularity during the holiday season makes them one of the hottest selling plants in the United States. And while these plants are a common sight during the month of December, how much do you really know about them? 

For example, while poinsettias adorn mantels across the United States, they’re actually native to southern Mexico.

Can you guess where else this tropical flora is wildly popular at Christmas? If you answered Hungary, you’d be correct. Folks in many countries throughout Central and South America also celebrate a Feliz Navidad with poinsettias.

The showy red, white, yellow or orange leaves of poinsettia are often mistaken for flowers, but to find the small, yellow blossoms you’ll have to look a little closer.

One thing I thought I knew for sure about poinsettias is that they’re deadly to cats. But it turns out that’s a myth. A cat or dog would have to eat a ton of leaves to become seriously ill. That said, your pet may still react to a little nibbling, so you may want to keep plants away from your furry friends just to be safe.

If you should find yourself gifted with a poinsettia plant this season, here are some tips for keeping it happy. Choose a bright and warm spot for your plant. Over or under watering will be the death of your plant, so make sure the soil stays moist to the touch. Last, don’t get too attached to your colorful embellishment. Even if you have the greenest of thumbs, your poinsettia will start dropping its leaves in about a month or so. 

If you’re looking for a long-lasting way to decorate your home with the beauty of poinsettias, check out these charming flags (This one is my favorite!). No watering required!


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