August 03, 2015 1 min read

Photo by Chelsea Kennedy
Photo by Chelsea Kennedy

Dragonflies are one of the more interesting creatures in the insect kingdom, they hover, swoop, and dive  around like little mystical fairies. They come in a variety of brilliant colors and the intricate patterns on their wings looks like a work of art. There is no wonder why the dragonfly has become the centerpiece for decorations, jewelry and home decor.

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If dragonflies are your thing, we can help you fill your home with dragon fly patterns like this matching flagand doormat combo. With dazzling designs and beautiful prints, these dragonfly themed garden flags are a thing of beauty.

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This welcome flag is really gorgeous with the tie dyed backdrop and shimmering dragonfly print. The appliqued flag has a soft blue background that really let’s the dragonfly standout in the scene, notice the little tail extending below the flag for a bit of realism. So take a moment to check out the selection of yard decor dedicated to these magnificent aerial acrobats of the bug world.

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