King of the garden.

by Russ Kennedy August 07, 2015 1 min read

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If there is one flower that stands head and shoulders above the rest (literally) it is the sunflower. These magnificent flowers tower over most humans at full bloom and rein over the garden like royalty.  The sunflower has made its way into clothing patterns, jewelry and other means of decoration, perhaps more than any other single flower.


These beauties are iconic with the country life, big, bold and beautiful. They seem to welcome you with a big warm smile and a hug. You could decorate your home in full blown sunflower motif with our house and garden flags, doormats and mailboxcovers.

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The sunflowers even offer up a tasty treat to the birds and to people as well. Roasted sunflower seeds are handy little snack as you tend the garden or just relax on the porch watching the day go by. Looking at these sunflower designs you can almost smell the fresh country air and feel the warm sun on your face.

We hope you enjoyed this little walk through the sunflower field and hope your day is filled with smiles.


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