December 13, 2018 2 min read

Here’s a fun challenge. See what you have in your kitchen that could be turned in to a cute holiday decoration. It could be as simple as filling a wire basket with cranberries. Or you could gather a few more edibles and make an adorable kitchen window wreath.

Dried orange slices have been used in Christmas decoration for years, but I’ve noticed that this season they seem to be especially popular.

Drying orange slices is easy. Just slice oranges thinly, place on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake at 220 degrees Fahrenheit for about 3 hours. Check on them throughout the last hour to make sure they don’t turn brown. I used 2 oranges for this wreath.

Other supplies you’ll need for this project are cranberries, fresh rosemary, ribbon, monofilament fishing line (this comes in handy for a surprising number of crafty projects), floral wire and scissors. 

First, lay out the orange slices in a circular shape.

Use hot glue to secure the slices in place.

Then cut a length of wire about 18 inches long. String three cranberries onto the wire and begin weaving the wire through the centers of the orange slices.

Add 3 more cranberries every time you bring the wire up through a slice and continue around the wreath. When adding another length of wire, twist the two together to connect.

Tuck in some sprigs of rosemary and attach a bow with floral wire.

Now you’re ready to hang the wreath with some fishing line. The trick to keeping the wreath from drooping is to thread the line through the wires on the back at two and four o’clock. This will support the circular shape.

Vanessa Tsumura is a gardener, craft writer and blogger. You can find more projects like this on her website Bluet & Clover. 


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