December 14, 2018 3 min read

Christmas Wreath

What’s green, smells like a forest, shaped like a circle and is most likely hanging on everybody’s door? A holiday wreath of course! This staple of the winter holidays is a time-tested favourite. Wreaths are easy to access as they can either be real or artificial. Also, wreaths can make a lovely gift to a friend or family member. Most of all, however, is the admiration that this classic piece of decoration gets from being easy as well as necessarily, customizable. With a bounty of winter holidays under my belt as well as having an overly enthusiastic neighbour when it comes to Christmas, I’ve seen my fair share of festive wreaths. Here are a few wreaths decorating ideas to help you celebrate in the joy of the season that also just so happen to be highly affordable and easy to find.


Who doesn’t love these classic holiday flowers? These ruby red stars offer a traditional flash of colour to contrast the earls green base of your wreath. Poinsettias originate from Mexico and although they look beautiful, they are known to be toxic to pets so make sure to keep your wreath out of reach if you choose to decorate it with these flowers.

Holly Berries and Mistletoe

Mistletoe and Holly Berries
If you choose to have a more natural theme for your wreath, then you should highly consider adding more seasonal plants. A good example of this would be holly berries and mistletoe. It’s a time held tradition that during Christmas if you are caught under the mistletoe with someone that you have to kiss them. This legend stems from Nordic folklore where the goddess Freyya loved her son balder so much that she made all the plants agree not to harm him. Unfortunately, the goddess forgot about the mistletoe and holly berry pair and so people started to regard the plant as having magical properties.

Bows & Ornaments

Colorful Christmas Weath

No gift is complete without a bow that ties it all together! These multicoloured strands of ribbon are not just for presents as they are probably the most common feature on wreaths during the holiday season. Feel free to experiment with different bow styles as well as different ribbon materials and colours.

Have you ever decorate your Christmas tree and realized that you still have ornaments left over? Don’t just leave those gorgeous Christmas staples in the box! Even though the branches on your tree might be loaded to the point of snapping, your wreath offers a blank canvas that is just waiting to get dressed up for the holidays! Although smaller ornaments might work better, you can use any ornaments that you want whether traditional or modern.


Red Glitter

Nothing captures the glitz and glamour of the holidays like glitter! This interesting decorating idea can be incorporated into your wreath in many different ways such as with strings of tinsel, a festive garland
Or even with some simple glue. We also encourage you to experiment with different sized flakes of glitter, as well as a variety of colours - tThere's even biodegradable glitters you can use! 

There you have it. A guide to decorating your own holiday wreath just in time for the festive times to start! Remember, however, that the ideas are endless and not limited to this lit. Therefore, I encourage you to use your cherished family traditions to influence your Christmas wreath to make it heart felt, memorable and special to you. 

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