How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

by Tricksy Tania December 16, 2018 3 min read

Christmas Tree

Christmas is coming and it’s time to deck the halls! For many people, Christmas is their favourite holiday. Whether this is due to the long-awaited family gatherings, the warm feelings of giving when its cold outside, the aesthetic pleasure of reindeer and ugly sweaters or the love of mint and gingerbread everybody can find something to love at this festive time of year.

Some people honour their long-held traditions but others prefer to change it up and new Yuletide fun but no matter which sleigh ride you choose to go on, you can’t have Christmas without the beloved Christmas tree! This icon of Christmas was adopted by Christians from the pagan tradition wherein bringing a tree indoors for the winter months celebrated the previous harvest while ensuring new plant life for next season.

Christmas Tree in Shopping Cart
Real or fake never matters! What does matter, however, is the joy of trimming the tree with loved ones. This, on the contrary, is often easier said than done. If you are new to this tradition or if you need some help, here are a few tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree.

First, make sure that your tree is firmly installed. You don’t want it to lean or fall over! Besides this, a metal stand sticking out from a beautifully decorated tree can be an eyesore so it's a good idea to cover the base with a tree skirt, miniature towns or anything else that you might have in mind, but make sure that you can still fit the gifts under there!


Know how much your tree can hold. Sometimes, less is more. A crowded tree can be an eyesore and heavy ornaments found damage your tree. Choose ornaments that have a sentimental meaning too that are light enough to be sustained by your tree.

Christmas Tree and Fireplace

Put on your decoration in the right order so that your tree is organized. Lights, tinsel/ garland, ornaments! And of course, make sure your lights are not flammable and are tree friendly.

If you have a real Christmas tree, make sure to keep the base moist and to remove dead needles to keep your tree doing the jingle bell rock until the big night!

Choose a tree that fits through your doorway as well as in your home. I would advise anyone and everyone to measure their selected area for their tree in their house first and foremost before purchasing their tree. There is no use in having a tree if you can’t find a place to enjoy it!

Blue and Silver Christmas Tree

Choose a theme for your decorations. A common theme can be anything from the style of the ornaments, such as all round ornaments, something more basic such as a colour scheme of red and gold, or blue and white.

Them could be extravagant and magazine or department store worthy such as a cozy cabin or winter wonderland. A theme can ensure that your Christmas tree looks neat and tidy.

Choose a topper that is the right size, weight and theme for your tree. You don’t want your tree topper to fall off or break the top of your Christmas tree. Additionally, It will be a bonus if your Christmas tree topper matches your Christmas tree theme so that you have a perfectly coherent tree from root to tip.

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