September 17, 2020 3 min read


As I write this, the world has been battling a pandemic for months. Many people haven't left the security of their home unless absolutely necessary. Many might be depressed and sad. One small way to put a little joy in your life and others is by displaying flags in your yard.  You're probably thinking "How is that going to make me happy?" Well, I've found some flags on that have happy or inspirational messages on them to go by in this uncertain time we are all living in now. Maybe you'd like to send a flag with a special message to someone to brighten their day or to let them know you miss them. 


The Bee Skep Bee Happy double sided flag is full of bright colors. Bees swarm around a big bee hive with colorful flowers around it.  Message reads "Bee Happy". This flag comes in garden size HERE and house size HERE.

The Rustic Rosettes double sided garden flag has three words- "live laugh love". The words are surrounded by a wreath of flowers. You can get this flag HERE.

The Floral Milk Bottle Trio  double sided garden flag is a pretty linen flag. Parts of the flag have a 3-D effect. Look at how the flowers stand out.A string of twine wraps around the necks of the bottles. Message reads "enjoy the little things". You can get this flag HERE. 

The Slow Down double sided garden flag is a fun summer themed flag with flip flops and sea shells. It reads "Slow down and ENJOY Life". That's what we all should do at this time and always! You can get this flag HERE. 

The Good Day double sided garden flag has three pots full of pretty red and pink geraniums.  The message reads "Today IS A GOOD DAY FOR A GOOD DAY". You can get this flag HERE. 

The Llive, Llaugh, Llove double sided garden flag is an unique flag. Two festive dressed llamas are on the flag. The message reads "llive llaugh llove". This flag is made of dura soft fabric which is durable, heavy fabric but yet very soft. You can get this flag HERE. 

The Bee Happy Blue garden flag has a big smiling bee surrounded by daisies. The message "BEE HAPPY" is in bright colors. You can get this flag HERE.

The Stronger Together double sided garden flag has the message "WE ARE stronger TOGETHER" on a blue background bordered on 4 sides by flowers. This is a textured flag. Textured flags have an extra level of detail than regular suede flags. One side of the flag has a waving texture. Click HERE for a short video about textured flags. 

The Stronger Together Handprints double sided garden flag has a rainbow made of colorful hand prints.  The message reads "STRONGER TOGETHER". You can get this flag HERE. 

The Birdhouses double sided garden flag has brightly painted birdhouses among colorful flowers. The message reads "There's no place like Home". This is particularly true during this time. You can get this flag HERE

I hope you saw a flag to lift your spirit or one to send to someone. Flagsrus has many flags to choose from. If one is sold out they will contact you when it's in stock. Just put your email address in the contact box on the item's page. 

 Always free shipping on USA orders. Buy one flag, get another 10% off!

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