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Mention garden flag and most everyone thinks of the small flags hanging on a metal flag holder in a yard. Well, you also can display garden flags INSIDE your home. 

There are wall hangers made specifically for garden flags. You can display garden flags in every room of your home. Plus it's easy to change the flag for different holidays, occasions and seasons or just change because you want something different. Changing garden flags on walls is much easier than changing glass picture frames. With all the many themes, you'll find a flag for every room. Please keep reading to get ideas of flags and accessories for inside your home.

THE NANTUCKET BASKET garden flag above is a flag you can hang on the outside of your front door to greet visitors. It pictures a brown woven basket full of blue and white hydrangeas. The caption along the top says Welcome To Our Home. Click HERE for more info of this flag.

 THE SUNFLOWERS & PEARS garden flag above would look nice in a kitchen. It has an old enamel ware teapot filled with pretty sunflowers. An old wooden scoop filled with pears and wild berries lays by the teapot. Click HEREfor more info of this flag.

 THE SERENE SPRING SWAN LAKE garden flag above is a pretty flag to brighten a bathroom. A wooden boat is waiting in the water under a big shade tree to be used for a relaxing ride. White swans swim nearby. Click HERE for more info of this flag. 

THE BLESS AND GATHER garden flag above is a perfect flag to hang in the living room for all visitors to see when they enter your home. Message says Bless All Who Gather Here. The message is surrounded on all 4 sides by brightly colored flowers. Click HERE for more info of this flag. 

THE WINE A LITTLE garden flag above is made of burlap with special detailing. This would go nicely in a dining room. The message Wine A Little is stitched on the fabric. A wine bottle with a glass are on the flag. Laugh a lot is on the glass.  Click HERE for more info of this flag. 

THE WELCOME BABY garden flag above is a cute flag to hang in a baby's nursery. Three happy friends, a duck, octopus and dolphin are out for a sailboat adventure on a blue ocean. Click HERE for more info of this flag. 

THE ENJOY THE RIDE garden flag above will be the highlight in a young boy or teenager's room. Looks like a great day for friends to ride motorcycles along the beach. Click HERE for more info of this flag.

THE BUTTERFLY KISSES garden flag above can be hung in a young girl's or maybe a teenager's room. A girl stands in a large field of tulips. Butterflies flutter around and one lands on her hand. A heart shaped cloud floats in the sky. Click HEREfor more info of this flag. 

THE EVERY DAY IS A GIFT garden flag above is a perfect message to see every morning upon waking in your bedroom. A yellow bird is singing the phrase "Every Day Is A Gift." Pretty wildflowers fill out the flag. Click HERE for more info of this flag.

THE BACK FORTY BUCK garden flag above will be a standout in your den or a "man cave." It's made of dura soft fabric which is a heavy fabric but soft to the touch. A huge buck is pictured in a field near an old barn. Click HERE for more info of this flag. 

THE ROSIE PINK MONOGRAM garden flag above is just one of many monogram flags on A monogram flag would go well on a front door or in a room in your home such as living room or dining room. All America Forever monogram flags can be purchased in all 26 letters of the alphabet!  Click HERE for more info of this flag. To see ALL monogram garden flags click HERE

 A PERSONALIZED GARDEN FLAG can be made exactly like you design. It's easy and fun to make a personalized flag. You can make something specially for a certain room. Begin making yours HERE.  For more help please read my blog on how I personally made my own personalized garden flag by clicking HERE.


THE WALL ART HANGER above (flag not included) is a simple hanger to use in any room. A wooden dowel is attached to a braided cord. The dowel slips thru the opening at top of a garden flag.  Click HEREfor more info of this hanger. 

THE GARDEN FLAG WALL HANGER above is a black metal hanger. This has more design to it than the wall art hanger. Click HERE for more info of this hanger.

THE CARSON GARDEN FLAG OVER THE DOOR HANGER is for hanging garden flags on doors- interior or exterior. Slide the flag on the horizontal bar. Place the hook end over the top door ledge so the flag hangs down. The door should open and close with no trouble. Click HERE for more info of this hanger. 

Now think of all the places inside your home that you can hang a garden flag. Garden flags hung inside of course lasts much longer than ones outside. Have fun decorating INSIDE with garden flags! 


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