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Eggs in Easter Basket

Do you hear that? It’s the hippity, hoppity sound of everyone’s favourite bunny! Yes, spring has sprung again and with it comes the holiday known as Easter. Although this is a Christian holiday by origin and religious practice, a time honoured activity that is associated with this special day is the tradition of hunting for Easter eggs.  Legend has it that a mythical being known as the Easter bunny comes and hides colourfully decorated eggs around your area. However, these are no ordinary eggs. These eggs are usually filled full of tasty treats or sp-egg-tacular gifts. Whether you’re 5 years old or 500 years old, you are never too old to participate in this lovable, festive sport. Lately, though, the Easter bunny has been getting creative with just how he has been hiding his prized eggs. If you find that the Easter bunny has been following this trend when he visited your home this year, here are a few clues on where to find the good stuff!

In an abandoned bird’s nest
Easter Eggs in Abandoned Bird's Nest

Eggs are a well-known characteristic that separates birds from mammals. This being said, a nest is a perfect hiding spot for fun-filled Easter eggs too. Let’s just hope that the nest that the Easter bunny has chosen was vacant first or else you will have some unhappy birds on your hands! Also, it might be good to mention that is there is no nest in your backyard, it does not necessarily mean that the Easter bunny won’t go to great heights to hide his precious Easter eggs. So to conclude, keep your head up and go find those special treats!

With the flowers...
Easter Eggs Among Daisies

This is an egg-cellent spot for the Easter bunny to his eggs. Not only do the colours of the decorated Easter eggs become camouflaged by the rainbow of flower petals, but the sweet scent of the flowers also help hide the aroma of candy from within the prized Easter eggs as well! In addition, the artistic beauty of your hidden Easter eggs will compete with the natural aesthetic pleasure of your flowers in an epic spring battle royal!

...Or with the vegetables
Bunny in Vegetable Patch

Let it be known that it takes a lot of energy for a poor little bunny to go hopping around all day and all over the world hiding egg after egg. No wonder the Easter bunny might just want to plant one of his special eggs in place of your freshly grown carrot that he had just borrowed. This being mentioned, be sure to check the vegetables in your garden this Easter to ensure that your hard work has helped the generous Easter bunny. As a fact, be eggs-tra sure to check your leafy greens, such as cabbage, kale and other lettuce varieties, as the Easter bunny knows that their foliage really helps to conceal his chocolate bursting Easter eggs. Due to these facts, you should always listen to your mother when she tells you to eat your vegetables!

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