Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

by Tricksy Tania April 17, 2019 3 min read

Easter Eggs on Grass
Happy Easter to all who celebrate this special holiday! With this holiday comes with memories of bunnies, chicks and yummy chocolate along with images of Christ to many Christians around the world as it is the biggest holiday for the Catholic Church during the scheduled year. However, for myself, my most cherished Easter memories revolve around the time honoured tradition of decorating Easter eggs with my family! I loved the previous time that we spent together delicately dyeing our prepared eggs in a rainbow of colours and then painting them with beautiful designs. I was always a classic girl at heart and so my Easter egg designs always leaned more towards the traditional lines and squiggles etched lengthwise around the circumference of the egg. That being said, there are many other, and unique ways in which one can decorate an Easter egg. So whether you are new to this egg-tastic art form or you're a seasoned veteran looking to crack things up, here are a few Easter egg decorating ideas to help you get started.

Religious symbols
Easter Cross with Purple Drape

The main reason for the holiday known as Easter comes from the Christian religion. In the bible, which is the sacred text to Christianity, it outlines the persecution and resurrection of God’s son named Jesus. Although many people choose to celebrate Easter just for the fun of it, some families do choose to be traditional and honour this holiday's religious roots. If you are in one of these families then a great way to incorporate the religious legend is by illustrating it on your Easter eggs. You can do this by painting or sketching religious themed items onto your eggs such as a cross, a dove, a lamb or any other symbol that relates to the story of Easter as described in the bible.

Easter Eggs in Bowl

Calligraphy is the ancient art of words and writing. This means that it includes not only what the words mean, such as in poetry or stories, but also in how the words look on the page through their style, such as using the cursive alphabet, and through formatting, such as how you place them on the page. So, are you a poet and don’t even know it? For this coming Easter, why not try your hand at calligraphy by doing it on an Easter egg? In paint, pen, marker, ink, or any other writing medium you can decorate your Easter egg through the beauty of words. You can do this by writing a poem, telling a story, outlining a quote, sending a message, telling a joke, or any other type of literary work using simply the beauty of the written language. You can also experiment by writing these ideas in different formats such as block letters, cursive lettering, or in any other aesthetic appeal.

Spring scenes
Easter Eggs with Spring Designs

For readers in the northern hemisphere, the holiday of Easter falls in the season of spring. Likewise, for readers in the southern hemisphere, the holiday of Easter falls in the season of fall, but who cares because, as I mentioned previously, it is the Southern Hemisphere so it’s still warm. With these warm temperatures, we are now associating these times with a renewal of life with images of newly emerging plants and by welcoming back our furry and our feathery friends. Therefore, what better way to celebrate spring than to show it in its glory on a beautiful egg?! So, when decorating your Easter egg, pop in a fancy flower, a smiling sun, a bouncing bunny or a cheery chick to bring in a little spring spirit into your Easter decorations.

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