Easter Decorating Ideas

by Tricksy Tania April 12, 2019 3 min read

Easter Banner

Would you rather cluck like a chicken or hop like a bunny? Yes, it’s almost Easter! This holiday is closely associated with the topic of new beginnings and it’s up to you to decide if this topic relates to religion or to nature. Anyway, since this holiday occurred during the spring months for people who reside in the northern hemisphere, this makes it a great opportunity to celebrate outside with a festive Easter decorated garden! After all, every bunny knows spring is always that special time of year when beautiful plants grow, animals reappear and the sun brings the warmth and light that we have all been craving for months. Here are a few decoration ideas to help get your garden looking springtastic for egg hunts galore.

Easter Eggs

How would you like your eggs this morning? Sunny side up? Hard broiled? Scrambled? What about chocolate in a rainbow of colours? A long-held tradition that has been carried out during the spring celebration known as Easter is the famous activity known as decorating eggs. To start off this fun activity, many people either hard boil or blowout the eggs yolk and egg whites through small holes in the egg’s shell. These processes allow your beautiful creations to last longer, but you can always skip this step if you are pressed for time or if you don’t feel like doing it. The next step is to decorate your egg to your heart's content. You can do this by dipping the egg in dye, using paint, soaking it into a pre-made sleeve, using markers, putting on stickers, or any other crafty material that you have on hand. Besides the fact that you can use any material that you want on your egg, you can also colour your egg any colour and do any design on it as you wish such as drawing lines, writing words, drawing pictures or anything else. The possibilities are endless! After you have created your sp-egg-tacular masterpieces, feel free to place them in a basket, string them with colourful ribbon and hang them up or simply put them here and there in your garden to spread the Easter cheer.

Easter Bunny Garland

With two long ears and cottontail who doesn’t love the affectionate creature known as a rabbit? Although the real, live versions can be a gardeners nightmare as they are comically known to nibble through a carrot patch, there’s no reason not to include images of the Easter bunny when decorating your garden for the holiday! Feel free to prop up a rabbit statue made of clay or porcelain on your garden table or anywhere else that you seem fit. In addition, you can pin up images of this furry cutie on your garden’s fence. Also, if you want to add a dab of easter to an already existing statue or scarecrow that you already own in your garden, I highly recommend that you get them into the festive spirit with a pair of their own bunny ears and a bushy tail to match. What are you waiting for? Hop on it!

Easter Chicks

Cluck, cluck! It’s no wonder why these cute baby birds are associated with a sense of springs rebirth as they emerge from the already mentioned Easter staple of the egg. You can easily incorporate these adorable, feathery pals into your decorating motif by pinning up pictures of chicks on your garden fence or by popping in a statue or toy chick somewhere in your garden such as on top of a shed, in your vegetable patch or in a flower box.

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