Spring Yard Decorating

by Vickie Kulp April 09, 2019 2 min read

Winter is finally over! It's spring! As the weather gets warmer and the grass starts growing, I get anxious. I can't wait to get the John Deere riding mower out and cut our yard. Then I can put the winter yard decorations away and bring out spring ones. Well, that day came this past weekend. Surprisingly, the mower started on the first try and away I went and cut our big yard. I feel very satisfied after cutting the yard. It looks so nice. Our big redbud tree is starting to bloom. It's a colorful addition to our yard. Unfortunately, the blooms don't last long. In the photo above, Smokey, one of my nine feral cats, enjoys the warmer weather too! 

Flowers that were sleeping under ground all winter, are now popping their heads up to feel the warmth of spring. The pretty bleeding hearts plant is beginning to bloom. Beside it is a clematis vine inching it's way up a trellis. In the small flower bed, the coral bells are coming up. The little teapot decoration is something I made last year. I put solar powered fairy lights coming out of the spout. At night it looks like water droplets coming out of the teapot. If you'd like to read how I made it you can read my blog post about it HERE.

My favorite way to decorate my yard is with flags. I love flags! Right now I have three house flag poles and four garden flag poles and way over a hundred flags!. My mother says we have too many flags. No way! You can never have too many flags!

I also decorate my mailbox with a mailbox cover. 

I put a pretty doormat at our front door. I have a doormat tray. I just took out the winter mat and put the spring mat in.

On flagsrus.org, there are lots of flags, doormats, mailbox covers and much more to decorate your yard. This is a good time to shop there because they are having a big clearance sale. Also, they are having a Buy one, get one for ten percent off (on cheaper one) sale. The more flags you purchase, the more savings you get!

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