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One of the most prominent holidays that is associated with spring is the Christian holiday of Easter. Many deeply religious Christians argue that the holiday of Easter is the most important holiday for the Christian calendar.

Easter spans a long weekend in either March or April depending on the year that it is being celebrated or to which sector of Christianity is observing it as Orthodox Christians tend to celebrate Easter a week in advance or a week after Catholic, Protestant and other Christian religious sectors celebrate this holiday.

The story goes that Jesus Christ was crucified, meaning that he was nailed on a cross, on Good Friday but was resurrected, meaning that he rose from the dead, on Easter Sunday. This allowed him to become prince of Heaven and allow Christians who have died to have their souls live on in heaven for eternity.

Like many holidays, there are a variety of ways in which people choose to celebrate Easter. This can be credited to location, age, and levels of the devotion of those who choose to celebrate Easter. This variation in celebration methods allows for endless possibilities for what people associate with Easter.

For example, some people who celebrate Easter choose to go to church and pray. On the other hand, some people who celebrate Easter are not very religious and so they choose to go Easter egg hunting and eat chocolate! However way someone might want to celebrate Easter, there is always an Easter-themed flag available that reflects your feelings on this holiday. Here are some Easter themed flag ideas.

Religious Easter Flags

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As Easter is traditionally a Christian holiday, many religious symbols can be included on an Easter-themed flag. One of the most popular religious symbols that are commonly found on Easter-themed flags is a cross. This is due to the belief that Jesus Christ died on a cross as was crucified on Good Friday.

A cross is a vertical plank of wood that has a shorter, horizontal plank of wood attached to the upper part. Other popular religious images that can be included on an Easter-themed flag includes churches, bibles, bread and wine, doves, and so on.

Easter Flags

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Like many originally religion-based holidays, some people who want to celebrate Easter are not very religious and so they do not participate in Christian based Easter traditions. However, many other non-religious activities occur during Easter. A classic example is the tradition of painting eggs in bright colors and designs.

These Easter eggs can make a perfect addition to any Easter-themed flag as there are endless possibilities of how an Easter egg can look in terms of designs and colors. Another fun Easter tradition involves looking for eggs that are filled with treats. This is known as Easter egg hunting. It is rumored that the Easter bunny hops around from house to house to hide eggs usually filled with candy and chocolate.

Due to this, images of rabbits and sweet treats can also make a beautiful arrangement of pictures on any Easter themed flag. Also, with all this talk of eggs, why not throw on a picture of a chicken and her chicks on an Easter-themed flag as well? Better hop to it!

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