April 10, 2020 3 min read

Spring has sprung! Or at least it feels like it has. The snow has started to melt away as have those winter blues that many of us have been feeling these past few cold months. With the longer and sunnier days, comes to our natural human urges to get outside again.

The warmer weather that usually comes with spring tends to defrost our joints so that we can get crafty again. It seems that with every new chirp from those happy birds, people tend to come up with new ideas. With all of those vibrant colors now revealing themselves from under their blanket of snow, it makes us want to capture their beauty to remember this stunning season. Mix these sensations all together and you get the perfect opportunity for a spring themed garden flag! Here are a few spring themed garden flag ideas to get you springing into action.

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Floral Flags

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After the last frost is over, it is officially safe to start growing plants outside again. The main types of plants that many eager gardeners will want to start growing include vegetables, fruit and flowers. However, many vegetables and fruit take time to grow, which why the harvest season takes place late in the summer to early in the fall.

Flowers, on the other hand, grow quite quickly and will, therefore, be blooming during the spring. This is why flowers are an excellent image to include on your spring themed garden flag. Flowers are beautiful in many ways. To start with, flowers come in many different styles. Whether it’s their leaves, height or interestingly shaped petals, each flower has its unique appearance.

Due to this, there is a flower variety that will fit on any spring themed garden flag. Also, flowers can come in any color of the rainbow. This is because flowers need to be colorful to attract pollinators. Since this is the case, there is a flower out there that will match the color palate of any spring-themed garden flag.


Get this animals flag!

Much as humans tend to spend more time indoors during the winter months, other animals have a similar tendency. As spring comes, so do the animals. For example, some animals reawaken from their self-induced hibernation states. On the other hand, some animals pack up and move back after their exotic winter holiday, also, for the animals that endure the whole winter in the same area, it time to bring out their new little ones since the warmer weather is safer for their tiny bodies. Spring truly makes the world seem alive again.

Nature Flags

Get this sun flag!

The winter season is caused by the earth's curve on its axis as it orbits around the sun. During the earth's orbit, while the associated hemisphere is tilted away from the sun, that is when that specific hemisphere gets less sunlight, therefore, resulting in colder temperatures, longer nights and ultimately the winter season. However, as the earth's orbit around the sun progresses, the associated hemisphere that was tilted away from the sun now becomes tilted towards the sun. This then converts the winter season to spring with its longer days and warmer temperature. So why include an image of the sun on your spring-themed garden flag? Well, because it’s the reason for this season of course!

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