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Are you trying to think of a Father's Day gift other than the usual socks, tie, cologne, etc? How about a house flag or a garden flag? Flags aren't just for women! There's plenty of flags for men. Flagsrus.org has something your father can relate to. He might have a tool shed or work shop that he can put a house flag pole on or garden flag in the ground. There's door mats too that he'd like. Continue reading to find out more.

                                  ***** RED TRUCK *****

You've probably seen items with a red pick up truck on them. Flagsrus has lots to choose from featuring red trucks. Click HERE to see.

                                   *****GRILLING *****

Your father might be a master of the grill! Maybe there will be a cookout on Father's Day. Flagsrus has flags and even door mats depicting grilling.  Click HERE to see.  

                                   ***** FISHING *****


Fishing is a pastime many men enjoy. I remember my father taking me and my brother fishing when we were kids. Maybe your father did the same with you. Look at the many fishing related items HERE. 

                                     ***** SPORTS *****

Is your dad a sports fan? Baseball, football, soccer, surfing, golf and more can be seen HERE.  Use the filter on left side to choose a sport. There are general sports and also sports team emblem flags. Maybe you'll see his favorite team on a flag. 

                                      ***** PATRIOTIC SPINNER *****

How about a spinner?The Patriotic Hot Air Balloon Spinner shown HERE is perfect for dad to display all year round. 

                                       ***** DOGS *****

Is Dad a dog owner or dog lover? There are lots of dog related items HERE

                                     ***** HUNTING *****

Is your father a hunter or lover of wild life? Look at the Back Forty Buck flag HERE.

                                     ***** PERSONALIZED *****



 Want to give him a "one of a kind" gift? Make a personalized flag! Put a special photo and your own words on a garden or house flag. I personally have made one and love it. Fun to make too. Get started making yours HERE.

 Enjoy the holiday with your dad!

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betty blaney
betty blaney

June 19, 2019

very nice Vickie

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