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Nothing quite compares to a calm, serene, and sunny day on the beach or out at sea. Just thinking about it brings warm, joyful feelings to mind.

While you can’t always enjoy a seaside escape, especially if you live far from the coast, you can create the atmosphere in your home.

How, you may ask?

By displaying sunshine and seaside flags around your garden.

Let’s explore ideas that’ll get sunshine and sea lovers excited about putting up some decorative garden flags.

Garden flag

Sunflowers Are Fun-Flowers

can be hung in front yard
Sunflower Welcome Double Sided Garden Flag

The image of a perfect sunny day. The flag shows:

  • A clear blue sky above with fluffy white clouds floating by. 
  • Some bright yellow sunflowers planted along a wooden fence, inviting some bees to fill up on sweet nectar.

Inscribed with the word ‘welcome,’ this garden flag is a warm and inviting depiction of fine, sunlit days.

Vibrant decorative flags such as this one can be an exciting addition to your garden area and a hearty welcome to your friends and family.

You can put this bright yellow-toned flag front and center on the entrance of your home. It will send a message to whoever comes your way that you’re all about brightness and cheer; no doom and gloom in your space.

Why not get matching magnetic mailbox covers to add brightness and wrap up the look on a high note. 

“Shell” We Go to the Beach?

flags for a holiday or any occasion at the beach
"Shell" We Go To The Beach? Double Sided Garden Flag

Warm, soft sand, an array of shells and critters, and nautical striped flip flops make this garden decor flag the perfect choice for seaside enthusiasts.

You can almost feel the sea breeze, listen to the sound of the waves, and feel the sand between your toes, just looking at the flag.

This flag also gives a grand welcome to your home. You can hang it on your front door using a door hanger, on your porch, or along the driveway.

Patriotic Outdoor Flags

garden flag
Patriotic Eagle Double Sided Garden Flag

As the bald eagle proudly soars above the waters, a symbol of strength and freedom, hoisting the American flag and a lighthouse on the horizon, you can’t help but feel patriotic.

You can hoist decorative flags such as this one on special occasions like the 4th of July or at any other time to add flair and color to your garden.

The rocky bed upon which the lighthouse stands will complement any rockery feature you may have in your garden.

Seaside Adventures Ahoy

all occasion seaside relaxation
The Beach Hillbillies Double Sided Garden Flag

If you’re young at heart and up for an adventure, this garden flag is the ideal pick for you. The vibrant colors on this flag will uplift your mood on any day and decorate your yard with an energetic splash of color.

This design epitomizes the fun aspect of garden flags. It shows:

  • A rustic truck packed to the brim with all your seaside bric-a-brac. 
  • A surfboard protruding in anticipation for an adventure with the waves, crystal clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, and palm trees along the shore.

Bet you never imagined garden flags could bring so much excitement, right? With its vivid color palette, this flag will aptly complement a colorful bouquet planted around your garden.

And, of course, the American flag waving from the window, a testament to the pride and celebration of the American dream.

Sunny Seaside Treats

fun holiday flags
Cool Summer Treats Double Sided Garden Flag

What would a sunny day at sea be without these mouthwatering treats? For that refreshing and yummy addition to your yard, add a couple of these garden flags to your collection.

These are also a superb choice of seasonal flags for the summer.

The bright, bold, and beautiful colors also make them ideal decorative flags for your garden.

Be sure to place your garden flag pole in a prominent location for a cheery feel to your yard. The kids will fall in love with this delicious-looking display.

Sailing Away

flags for holidays, available on custom size options
Marina Gulls Double Sided Garden Flag

For the boating fanatics, a sunny and calm day at sea is the perfect escape. Adding boat-themed garden flags to your space will make for a calm, peaceful, and relaxing atmosphere for you and your guests.

The seagulls hovering above the boat in anticipation for a catch for the day are a fisherman’s delight. Add this nautical flag to your yard in celebration of the sunny days at sea.

Taking a Leap

large selection of flags for holiday fun, printed on both sides
Dog Days Of Summer Double Sided Garden Flag

This flag depicts what sunny days should be made of—pure joy, fun, and excitement.

The flag depicts two children having a wonderful time and taking a plunge into the clear waters. And the dog, not to be left out, joins in the fun and games.

This joyful, carefree summer flag will be a refreshing addition to celebrate the holidays. It may also serve as a nostalgic walk down the memory lane of bright childhood days.

Of Summer Days on the Lake

flags garden, quality products gives relief in bad weather
Summer Day At The Lake Double Sided Garden Flag

Another calming image of a dog seated on the deck looking out on the waters as a couple glides by in a boat. A pair of chairs and a basket filled with delightful treats are placed on the deck overlooking the water.

Vibrant garden flags such as this one are ideal for brightening up your front lawn. You can hang them amongst some potted plants or let them stand proudly on the green lawn as a proclamation of the arrival of summer.

Sipping Away on Sunny Days

flags garden great for holiday fun
Outside At The Tiki Bar Double Sided Garden Flag

Picture this, relaxed at a seaside bar, a picturesque view of the blue seas spread before you, and a deliciously refreshing coconut beverage in your hand. Now, imagine these garden flags strewn across your lawn.

Talk about bringing the seaside feel to your doorstep in a fun and relaxing way. Chase the blues away with a beautiful display of these flags around your garden.

Keep Your Flags in Top Condition

Garden Flag for Sea Lovers
Beach Pails Double Sided Garden Flag

Your yard flags are there to accentuate your garden, and it’ll be in your best interests to take good care of them to keep them looking delightful for longer.

You’ll want to install your flag pole in an area that’s visible enough while providing adequate shade cover. Installing your flag stands in the shade will keep it from damage due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Occasional hand washes with a mild detergent will keep your outdoor flags in pristine condition and keep those bright colors popping.

The best investment you can make is buying a high-quality flag from a reputable seller.

When you buy quality flags, you’re investing in long-lasting decor to compliment your garden.

When it comes to flags, FlagsRUs is your number one choice.

Here’s what you can expect from our flags:

  • They’re made from a variety of the highest quality fabrics like polyester, burlap, and linen.
  • All our flags are fade-resistant and won’t discolor for years to come. 
  • We use UV protection coating. This guarantees a long life of use come rain, sun, or thunder. 
  • We have a large selection of themes to choose from. 
  • We print our flags on both sides, so you get to enjoy the designs from whichever side of the garden you’re in. 
  • If the standard design isn’t what you’re looking for, we’re happy to customize a design just for you. 

Add a Sprinkle of Sunshine and Seaside Fun to Your Garden

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With a flag, you can brighten your personal space in your unique style and get it to say just what you want it to.

Testimonial from Roxanne Grubb

Testimonila from Lisa Hernandez

Whether you want to send a message, set the tone for the season, or celebrate what you hold dear, a garden flag will help you say it better.

Plus, outdoor flags are a thrilling addition to your garden to contrast with and complement other elements in your yard.

Take a look at the large variety of wonderful garden flags in our catalog and buy a flag from FlagsRUs today. 

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