8 Christmas Garden Flags That Celebrate Jesus

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Christmas is one of the most joyous times of the year.


Aside from the abundant presents, hearty and homemade dinners, and fun and lively company, it's also the time we celebrate the birth of the most beloved, fully divine Jesus Christ.

If you want to enjoy the festivity Christmas brings all season round, these garden flags are a whole lot of fun as little pops of red, green, or white to your yard.

This list features 8 Christmas garden flags that’ll make your front lawn look like the most festive on the block.

No matter what the season, you can fly these flags year-round to remind you of the holiday cheer or get them out when Christmas rolls around. Let's take a closer look!

Joy to the World

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Holy Nativity Joy To The World Double Sided Garden Flag

Embrace the birth of Jesus with a flag that features the Nativity scene.

In a silhouette image of a barnyard or stable, a man and woman, presumably Mary and Joseph, look over their newborn son, who’ll soon redeem the world.

Taken in the likeness of this iconic biblical setting—this garden flag victoriously portrays the momentous occasion of the hour of Jesus’s birth.

Display this flag in springtime or wintertime, on Christmas or Thanksgiving. Letting this flag fly regardless of the time of year is a great reminder of this beautiful moment.

Embrace the birth of Jesus

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Watch this step-by-step video to get a thorough understanding of how to display your flags in your garden.

A Gold Flag With a Powerful Message

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The Nativity Season House Flag is a lovely, festive way to decorate for the holidays.

With the first glimpse of this Nativity House Flag, you'll find respite in knowing that the birth of Jesus was an occasion that changed the course of humanity and the world for the better.

This lovely flag features golden borders and a beautiful Christmas design, and an outline of baby Jesus in the manger.

A caption reads "Jesus is the reason for the season" against a dark blue background with gold borders, making it a perfect reminder of the time of year—one for all your family to see.

This flag has 28" x 40" measurements and is built with durable fabric, so you won’t have to worry about wear and tear.

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A Flag Proclaiming, “Glory to God!”

Glory to God

This garden flag features a scenic and symbolic image of the Nativity design with Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the Star of Bethlehem.

Above the new parents and the Son of God, a white-cast message reads, "Glory to God in the Highest."

Proudly display this 12.5" x 18" flag atop the mailbox on Christmas day or stake it in your rose garden. This reminder of Jesus’s birth will spread unrelenting joy and cheer for days to come—for both you and your neighbors.

Celebrate the approaching Christmas season with this beautiful merchandise adorned with a message of worship that’ll raise your spirits!

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Find a Home With Joseph, Mary, and Jesus Christ

christmas garden flag designs

This beautifully detailed Nativity Christmas flag acts as a reminder of the true reason for the season each time you step outside.

The image depicts Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, and a few animals huddled together, stepping on hay and kernels from the barn where Jesus was born.

While the description doesn’t sound the most idyllic, it reminds us that the non-glamorous life is just as worthy. Jesus’s birth perfectly encapsulates that. 

This garden flag makes for a wonderful gift idea for a family member or friendly neighbor to celebrate Christmas—merging both style and function.

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Four Red Candles for Christmas

bracket to shine

This solemn garden flag will light up the dark winter nights like a beacon of hope. 

It features four saintly red candles glowing alongside each other. Below them sit prized presents of various colors and sizes.

It’s made of weather-proof material and comes with measurements of 12.5" x 18"—perfect for mounting anywhere in your yard, garden, porch, or indoors on a wall. 

This perfect holiday decoration will remind you that Christmas time brings abundance and joy to our hearts as we remember Jesus and how he lights our lives.

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A Country Church in the Winter

a reindeer behind

“O Come All Ye Faithful,” to the wonderful celebration that is Christmas! Deck your home with some celebratory merriments with this one-of-a-kind flag.

This cheerful blue-themed flag features an old country church in front of a snow-covered forest, decorated with cheerful lights and a wreath in the center. 

This is one of those Christmas flags that make a great gift for families who love their faith, Lord Jesus, Christmas, and their gardens!

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Three Wise Men and the Bethlehem Star

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This is one of the garden flags to get if you want to pay homage and celebrate the birth of Christ.

The flag features a well-known and well-respected scene that every Christian is familiar with. In detail, it brings you to the setting that follows the faithful journey with Jozef, Balthazar, and Melchior as they follow the bright star on their way to Bethlehem.

There, a special moment has just occurred—the Son of God was born.

Place this flag decor outside your home or near your garden statuary. It’s sure to gain the respect of fellow men and women of faith.

Above all else, it also makes for a pretty eye-catching and wonderful design.

Buy the Following The Star Double-Sided Garden Flag.Peace Be With You

package may vary

Brighten up your front yard by swinging this flag around in the breeze.

Symbolic of the Holy Spirit, a dove was said to dawn on Jesus’s head the moment after He was baptized, celebrating a new chapter with a venerable sacrament.

The dove also promotes a sense of tranquility. As Jesus said to his disciples, “Be wise as serpents, harmless as doves.” (Mt 10:16)

Watch as this flag honors peace with a delicate white dove clutching evergreen boughs of holly in its claws.

This high-quality garden flag is durable enough to fly through rain storms and last for months without fading or ripping at the seams.

Leave one of the top-selling Christmas garden flags around the garden where children romp, and adults can sit and enjoy some peace themselves.

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Flags for Your Home, Garden, and More!

There you have it! Eight Christmas garden flags that’ll remind you of Jesus and make your yard look like a festive celebration all year round.

If you’re looking for flags for all occasions, we’ve got you covered.

Visit our website to browse through hundreds of garden flags that you can fly on a flag pole in your yard.

So what will it be? A garden flag for summer, fall, winter, or spring? The choice is up to you.

We’re sure we have something for you and your loved ones.

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Christmas Garden Flags That Celebrate Jesus
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