God Shed His Grace On Thee

by Laura Knoerr September 18, 2017 2 min read

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I have never been in a hurricane or a forest fire. My area did have severe flooding this summer, but nothing on the scale of what has been going on, lately. I have close family and friends in both the hurricane-ravaged areas. Other friends have posted pictures of the smoke and ash from the western fires. My heart has been wrenched by their troubles. It has been a tough few weeks!
In times of national distress, however, I am still encouraged by the spirit of unity in this country. When hurricanes or forest fires rage, or an attack on our own soil threatens our security (as we recently remembered 9/11), Americans come together. We want to help each other out, and get our hands dirty, if necessary. In this, we truly become the United States of America. 
So many people have given money and many others have gone to the places where the disasters have hit. But, the brunt of service in these times falls on our men and women in uniform. And the hardest hit by these disasters are the children who have lost their homes, their schools, and in some instances, their parents. I am so grateful that we have a well-trained military, first responders, police, fire fighters and aid organizations, as well as responsive local, state and federal government agencies.
I am particularly moved by this flag, which captures my thoughts and feelings at this time.
We all need grace! So let's give each other more grace and transcend our differences. Because, sometimes, love demands that we sacrifice our personal preferences.
For other inspirational flags to encourage or thank or remember, click here. 

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Linda Moritz
Linda Moritz

September 22, 2017

Beautiful message, Laura. Great post. Yes, more grace is never a mistake.

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