Gone to the dogs.

by Russ Kennedy May 03, 2015 1 min read

Carly Sue
Carly Sue

ca55220Mans best friend a loyal companion to the end, that is a title well befitting our four legged friends. Dogs have been at the side of humans for centuries as a hunting partner, means of protection or just a trusty friend that will smother you in sloppy kisses. Dogs are more than a pet but considered one of the family by many, even treated like a child by some folks. So of course we want to have a flag to show off our fondness for the furry little members of our family.


We all have different preferences when it comes to picking a dog, some go by breed, others size but I think what gets us all is the personality. Dogs differ as much as humans when it comes to their personalities and looks often can be deceiving. My neighbor dog Sprocket may look fierce but he is as gentle as a kitten.


We have a variety of breed specific flags for those who want to have a flag with your dogs likeness flying over the yard, like this Jack Russellor German Shepherd.



Personally I am a rescue animal kind of person, I have a soft spot in my heart for critters who have been turned away from their owners and just want a second chance at a loving home. The rescue flag is a great way to show your support of this idea.


This is my pal Baxter who adopted me at a pet adoption event.


Whether they are big or small, scruffy or well groomed, our four legged friends stick by us to the end.

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