April 25, 2015 2 min read

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The Royal Monarch surveys his land sipping the sweet nectar of his spoils.

Having a yard full of butterflies is really a beautiful thing, not only pretty to see but beneficial to life cycle of the garden. As the butterfly drinks nectar from the flower they help pollinate the plants and help spread seeds, both pretty and useful. Butterflies are often part of a print on a summer dress or jewelry.

The ladybugor lady beetle help by ridding the garden of pesky little critters like aphids that can ruin plants, plus aphids don’t help the look of the plant either. Lady bugs also are said to bring good luck if they land on you. This cute little bugs also appear on things from clothes to children toys.

ev168405Whatever the reason, we certainly do seem to have an infatuation with these winged beauties and we carry a variety of butterfly and ladybug flags to fit suit your fancy. I love both the lady bug and butterfly appliqued flags that actually follow the outline of the wing, it seems the flags really come to life.ca55210


CAM00418One of my first sightings of a spring flag this season was a ladybug print, I just love how the sun made this flag glow.

Watching these flags flutter in the breeze puts you in mind of the ladybugs and butterflies dancing around the garden.tl8233s

This whimsical print of the Butterfly Blessingswould look good inside the house as well as out.


I hope these flags helped brighten your day and you take some time to appreciate the little helpers in your garden as much as you enjoy the flowers.

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