Gourds and Pumpkins

by Russ Kennedy September 26, 2016 2 min read



As the daylight hours grow shorter, a hint of color change to the leaves and the evenings are a little cooler we can sense that fall is on the way. If you have planted gourds or pumpkins in your garden, the time to pick is getting close if not already here.


A popular way to decorate for Autumn is to use gourds and pumpkins in a display. If you are like many of us and did not grow your own supply, never fear, the farmers markets, greenhouses and even some super markets are full of pumpkins and gourds from which you can choose. A beautiful supply of hardy mums and other fall flowering plants usually is on hand as well. These shops will often have some displays that can give you ideas for your own home and yard.


Shopping for gourds is an adventure with all the interesting shapes, sizes and rich colors. Gourds absolutely cry out to be used in an Autumn themed arrangement. For the most part, gourds are fairly inexpensive so that selecting quite a few will not put a pinch on the pocketbook. Mini pumpkins are a great addition to the fall decorating plans, my kids always enjoyed drawing faces on their little pumpkins and saved the Jack O’ Lantern carving for the big pumpkins.


While shopping for my supply of fall decor, the greenhouse had some cool displays for their pumpkins and gourds. They used the wooden crates that green beans were shipped in, filled them with straw and arranged the produce inside. Some of the displays even had Halloween decor like skulls, spiders and snakes, what a crafty idea.


This setting at the farmers market put me in mind of a fall festival. The hay bails and corn stalks are a perfect match to the display of pumpkins. I love all the mini pumpkins behind the big one. In seeing this, I thought how it would be fun to hand small pumpkins out to children attending a fall festival. This quick trip to the local farmers market not only allowed me to purchase items for a fall display of gourds and pumpkins, but filled me with ideas for the project.


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