Wheelbarrow garden.

by Russ Kennedy August 30, 2016 1 min read


Giving a new purpose to an old item is fairly common especially for the clever Gardner. Turning an old wheelbarrow into a small garden is just one example. I looked into this project and found that it can be done in just a few steps.

Converting a metal wheelbarrow to a planter:

20160829_075219 Cropped

If you don’t already have the old wheelbarrow that you wish to use, try a garage or rummage sale for good pricing.

Give the wheelbarrow a good rinse and if you wish, decorate or repaint it to your liking.

20160829_075155 Cropped

Drill a few holes in the flat bottom of the wheelbarrow for drainage.

Now off to select the type flowers or plants, this time of year mums would be a good choice.

20160828_145100 Cropped

Set the wheelbarrow in it’s desired location in your yard; anchor in the ground if needed. Next fill with soil and plant the flowers. Now it is time to enjoy your garden project.

This type of project is pretty easy for even the novice gardener and can be modified to the seasons. We have several wheelbarrow garden themed flags that can help accent the look of your new piece. We hope you enjoy this gardening tip.



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