August 16, 2016 2 min read


Summer is almost over and the leaves are starting to show their autumn colors. Are you excited about Fall? A lot of our FlagsRus customers sure are! We’ve been seeing a lot of Fall-themed flags being purchased lately! Especially when there are a lot of new fall designs from Evergreen!

Check them out below!

Evergreen Suede Regular Flag Pumpkin Truck
Evergreen Suede Regular Flag Pumpkin Truck

This cute flag says that Fall is all about! The flag features a cute red pickup truck carrying a giant pumpkin in a field with fall leaves and sunflowers with a cute greeting at the top “Happy Fall Y’all”. This flag is available in house and garden flag, and doormat!

Brilliant Autumn Flag

If you are looking for a flag showing the passionate colors of Fall, this is the flag for you! This flag features a colorful red, orange and brown design with fall leaves and  “Welcome Fall” text across the bottom.

Fall Sunflowers, Pumpkins & Birds Flag

For a brighter, more festive Fall look, the Fall Sunflowers, Pumpkins & Birds Flag is a great choice! This flag features a festive array of fall leaves and sunflowers behind two pumpkins with a scroll reading “Welcome Fall” displayed across.

Mums in Pumpkin Vase Flag

If you are thinking of a gift for someone, the Mums in Pumpkin Vase Flag must be one of your options! This flag features a bouquet of fall mums in a pumpkin vase with a “Welcome” message across the top.

10% off on all Fall Flags!

Fall is coming and we’re giving 10% off on all Fall-themed items! This is your chance to save lots on your Fall flag, doormat, mailbox cover, and yard signs shopping! Make sure you use our code “FALL10” to get the discount!



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